This resource outlines the effect stress can have and the ways in which we handle stress in our lives along with offering practical techniques for managing stress and maintaining resiliency in the face of hardships and factors beyond control. The Fostering Resliency in Agriculture resource in one of several tools developed as part of the Farm Safety Program Fostering Resiliency In Agriculture: Mental Health Series Project that is available to producers to support mental wellness.


Agriculture is rooted in strength and resiliency. It is more important than ever to have appropriate tools and supports available to producers as we continue to increase knowledge and awareness about mental health in agriculture.

The AgHealth & Safety Network understands that farmers live in continuously pressure.  Too often farmers silently suffer through mental health problems and stress.  For most, economic pressures underscore the majority of stress experienced. Unfortunately, almost all of stressors that impact farmers are out of their control and the need for strengthening resiliency and effective stress management techniques is crucial.

We need to do more to take care of our farmers. By helping farmers take care of their mental health we can improve their overall wellness and contribute to a stronger and healthier farming community.

The Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture, in conjunction with Bridges Health, has developed the FARM SAFETY PROGRAM FOSTERING RESILIENCY IN AGRICULTURE: Mental Health Series to provide information and helpful strategies on how to improve resilience, prioritize self-care, and maintain mental wellbeing.

This project was made possible through the Farm Safety Program, which is funded by the Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

Project Deliverables:

(a) Fostering Resiliency in Agriculture: The Importance of Self-Care & Stress Management to Maintain Mental Health

(b) Mental Health in Agriculture Webinars

(c) Mental Wellness Short Video Series 

(d) Additional Mental Health Resources 

“We treat farm equipment with care, doing regular maintenance and upkeep,
but are we providing the same level of care and attention
to our own bodies and minds?”

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