Gear UP for Ag Health and Safety™ program for

post-secondary agricultural students

SaskPolytechnic, Moose Jaw, SK.
SaskPolytechnic, Moose Jaw, SK.

Gear UP for Ag aims to provide health and safety education for the next generation of agriculture by interacting with students ag colleges and high schools. Students in these programs engage in many aspects of agriculture, from on-farm work to trades, ag business and industry, extension, public health, vet medicine, and so much more. Through this work, health and safety for agriculture reaches beyond to benefit family, friends, and co-workers living and working together. 

Gear UP for Ag reaches right to each student. It starts with a student pre-survey, so that each training session is customized to deliver ag health and safety messaging for work and home that is tailored to the audience and addresses hazard and risk exposures at work and at home. With interactive demonstrations, engaging content, and in distributing personal protective equipment (PPE), the program provides both knowledge and tools to raise the level of safety and health for students as they move into farm and work. Post-program surveys help instructors refine communication, reach international students, develop new program aspects and continually evaluate and improve Gear UP for Ag.

Depending on circumstances, available time, and funding, Gear UP for Ag can offer three levels of programming, from a 1.5 hour basic overview and PPE kit up to three hours which allows time to cover more topics on agricultural health and safety and includes a larger PPE kit including respirators and gloves, with different sizes to find the right fit for each participant. The program develops strong partnerships with industry to provide students with PPE kits. 

Kendra Ulmer, RN, with Gear UP for Ag PPE kits

The Agricultural Health and Safety Network at the Canadian Centre for Rural and Agricultural Health at the University of Saskatchewan is a Canadian partner with The Ag Health and Safety Alliance on this initiative.

Each Gear UP for Ag session could cover a range of health and safety topics, including machinery and ATV safety, agricultural exposures and hazars, safety precautions for the senses (sight, hearing, breathing, skin protection), stress and mental health, safety and emergency plans, livestock handling and zoonosis risk, and so much more.

In 2023-2024, our Network delivered the program to students in the agricultural management program of SaskPolytech, and to students in the College of Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan.

(Left) Kendra Ulmer, RN, AHSN program manager with Gear UP for Ag PPE kits


Left: At SaskPolytechnic, Moose Jaw, SK.  Right: Kendra Ulmer at USask AgBio Gear UP for Ag

         SaskPolytechnic, Moose Jaw, SK.                  Kendra Ulmer at USask AgBio Gear UP for Ag

 Gear UP for Ag sessions in Saskatchewan to date:

  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic Moose Jaw Campus
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic Parkland Yorton Campus
  • University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture
  • University of Saskatchewan Occupational Health Class

Gear Up for Ag Health and Safety™ Program Video