Hearing Clinics

Continued exposure to high levels of noise over long periods of time without hearing protection can produce permanent hearing loss.
There are many sources of noise on the farm that may contribute to hearing loss. With an awareness of noise sources, both work-related and recreational, and the proper use of hearing protection, occupational hearing loss is completely preventable.

What is the Hearing Conservation Program for Farmers?

The program is a hearing screening service for agricultural producers that is delivered by professionally trained staff in your community.

Who is eligible for the program?

All adult members of the Agricultural Health and Safety Network may attend the program in their community.

What will happen when I attend a program?

An individual who is interested in having their hearing tested will be given a Noise Exposure questionnaire to complete prior to the hearing screening.

Hearing screening takes 15-20 minutes. Staff will
  • review your questionnaire,
  • visually check your ears,
  • do the hearing screening,
  • interpret the screening test,
  • provide you with a copy of your test results, and
  • refer you for follow-up when necessary.
Information on noise sources on the farm will be available on site.