Funding Partners, Research Partners, Project Partners, Network Members, and Collaborators

Stronger Together: the Agricultural Health and Safety Network values partnerships. Only by working together will we be able to reach more producers and more rural people to increase farm health and safety.

We welcome funding partners, research partners, project partners, new Network members, and collaborators to join us in our mission. 

Funding partners believe in our work and make sure we have the capacity to develop and share resources to support safer and healthier farms and farm families.

Funding partners are welcome to contibute in small or large ways, and target that support to the overall Network or for specific programs or resources.

The Centre has a number of Founding Supporters who contributed to the original vision of the Centre almost 40 years ago and set up a Founding Chairs fund. That fund continues to support the Network via helping us share the Network News. Contributors at that time included:

The Network is part of the Canadian Centre for Rural and Agricultural Health, a research centre at the University of Saskatchewan. 

Our Network participates in numerous research and outreach partnerships to support increased rural and agricultural health and safety. 

We welcome partners who wish to support specific projects.

University of Guelph - led the pilot In the Know program. We work together with multiple partners to bring this program to communities and farmers across Saskatchewan.

Chiropractors Association of Saskatchewan - Muskuloskeletal Health resource. The association provided funding for printing and distribution of this resource, which is based on research conducted at the Canadian Centre for Rural and Agricultural Health. 

SunSmart Saskatchewan - collaborated with the Network to develop Sun Safety modules, both for farmers and for our kids' Discovery Days program. SunSmart also attended AginMotion with us in 2023, to showcase how farmers can be affected by the sun. 

Bridges Health - supported the development of the key Fostering Resiliency in Agriculture printed resource and accompanying mental wellness videos. 

Almost 200 rural municipalities in Saskatchewan are members of the Agricultural Health and Safety Network. If you'd like to know if your RM is a member, please check our Members page. All RMs in Saskatchewan are welcome to join! 

Their apex organization, the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) is a strong supporter of the Network. We hold our AHSN annual meeting as part of SARM's AGM.

Agricultural producers look for health and safety information and resources in many places: from the Network and our Centre, from provincial Ministry of Agriculture, from producer groups and agricultural businesses, and from safety organizations.

One of our key partners is the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) which was created by the Canadian Centre for Rural and Agricultural Health to support Canada-wide industry and association connection for increased agriclultural health and safety. 

The Network works with many key partners to support increased rural and agriclutural health and safety.