Respiratory Clinics

There are many hazards on the farm that may produce effects on the respiratory system (lungs) of farmers or their family members. These respiratory hazards may result in minor, short term illness or symptoms, permanent disability, or death. With awareness of the risks and prevention, these injuries and illnesses are preventable.

What is the Respiratory Health Maintenance Program for Farmers?

The program is an educational and respiratory screening service for farmers and their families that is delivered by professionally trained staff in the local community.

Who is eligible for the program?

All adult members of the Agricultural Health and Safety Network may attend the program in their community.

What will happen when I attend a program?

The Respiratory Health Maintenance Program involves a lung function test. Each participant:
  • completes a respiratory health questionnaire,
  • has their blood pressure measured,
  • performs a lung function test,
  • has the results interpreted,
  • receives personalized health teaching and resource materials,
  • receives a copy of their lung test, and
  • when necessary is referred for follow-up to their physician.