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Education Resource: Legal Capacity and Dementia

The Offices of the Public Guardian and Trustee offer Saskatchewan-jurisdiction-specific information relating to matters of legal capacity

In September of 2020, RaDAR hosted a webinar for Saskatchewan health care providers about legal issues relating to Capacity and Dementia in the province of Saskatchewan. Discussion included Legal Capacity, what is a Power of Attorney, what is a Property Guardian, and what kinds of decisions/actions can they make.

No session recording or slide deck are available to share here, but an excellent resource if you are looking for futher information are the Offices of the Public Guardian and Trustee for Saskatchewan. 

Contact them toll free at: 1-877-787-5424, or phone (Regina): 306-787-5424
more information and guides are available online:

Roles such as Power of Attorney may have different responsibilities in different jurisdictions. The Offices of the Public Guardian and Trustee are a resource for Saskatchewan-specific information. The information shared on this page is for educational purposes only, it is not legal advice. Please consult a lawyer for legal advice particular to your circumstances.