Mark your calendar: Summit 2024 will be held as an online event on November 26 & 27.

We're in the process of planning details for the 2024 event - updates will be made to this page as information is available. If you have questions about Summit 2024, please contact



"The summit is an interdisciplinary get-together of clinicians and researchers devoted to improving care of people with dementia and their families in Saskatchewan. It’s an excellent opportunity for physicians who see patients with dementia to learn more about dementia care and to share their knowledge with colleagues." -- Dr. Andrew Kirk, Neurologist and RaDAR Team member.


"RaDAR has been important to me as rural based research on issues which matter to us all but don’t need big Pharma otherwise would not happen. I hope we all grow old, a healthy old if possible but a comfortable old at least. It may be the secrets of ageing this way are in Fife, Dorset or Mount Isa but, perhaps, in our own waiting rooms or, horrible thought, waiting lists." -- Dr. John Rye, retired Sasktachewan family physician and attendee of Summit meetings.