Podcast: Driving and Dementia

A podcast for Saskatchewan health care providers about driving and dementia

Dr. Andrew Kirk, neurologist with the Rural and Remote Memory Clinic talks about driving and dementia (1 min, 39 sec) .

Driving is an important aspect of daily life, and especially important for those living in rural areas in Saskatchewan. Dr. Kirk discusses safety considerations with respect to driving and dementia, and the importance to tell patient and family about the legal requirement that physicians report a diagnosis of cognitive impairement or dementia to Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI).

In Saskatchewan Medical Practitioners* do not take away a patient's drivers license, but are required by The Traffic Safety Act to report to SGI the name of any person who, in their opinion, is suffering from a condition that will make it dangerous for that person to operate a vehicle [in this case, a diagnosis of dementia or cognitive impairment]. Once reported, the Medical Review Unit at SGI will follow up with the patient to take further steps to investigate driving abilities.

*from The Act, Medical Practitioners include:

  • a physician or surgeon
  • an occupational therapist
  • a physical therapist
  • an optometrist
  • a psychologist
  • an ophthalmologist
  • an addictions counsellor
  • a nurse practitioner
  • any other prescribed practitioner