Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities Scholarship

Two $1500 scholarships are awarded annually to rural grade 12 students going on to post-secondary education.

The Scholarship’s History: In 1995, the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) auctioned off the first copy of its history book “The Building of a Province: Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities.” This auction netted the sum of $2,600 which the SARM Board of Directors contributed to the Canadian Centre for Rural and Agricultural Health. These funds initiated the SARM 90th Anniversary Student Scholarship in Agricultural Safety & Rural Health. The Canadian Centre’s Founding Chairs Program now maintains the scholarship.

Founding Chairs Fellowship Competition

The Founding Chairs Fellowship Program is supported by an endowment fund established by the Centre for Agricultural Medicine and administered by the Canadian Centre for Rural and Agricultural Health.

Application Deadline

This scholarship is currently on hold


  1. Trainees may be:
    • Master’s students
    • Ph.D. students
    • Postdoctoral research and Clinical fellows
  2. Trainees’ research projects must support the Canadian Centre for Rural and Agricultural Health's Mission Statement: "Our mission is to conduct and stimulate research, education and health promotion programs aimed at enhancing the health and well-being of rural and agricultural populations."
  3. Trainees must be supervised or mentored by faculty associated with the Canadian Centre for Rural and Agricultural Health
  4. Preference will be given to trainees:
    • Without any other current major scholarship funding
    • Who have not previously received a Founding Chairs Fellowship
    • In the first two years of a Master’s degree and the first three years of a Ph.D. degree
  5. Postdoctoral fellows may apply within five years of graduating with their Ph.D. degree

Application Process

Complete and submit the following forms for the application process on SharePoint.

  • A Founding Chairs Application Form including descriptions of: the proposed research project, how the proposed research project supports the Mission Statement of the Canadian Centre for Rural and Agricultural Health, your role in the proposed project and career development activities.

  • A CIHR Project Biosketch CV 

Instructions for completing the CIHR Project Biosketch CV:

  1. Read the guide to completing the CIHR Project Biosketch CV
  2. If you do not have a Canadian Common CV account, register here
  3. Login to CCV, choose “CV”. The funding source is CIHR and the CV Type is CIHR Project Biosketch
  4. Submit the CV, then choose “History” and download a PDF of your CV
  • Two letters of reference using the Founding Chairs Supervisor/Referee Report Form. One of the two reference letters must be from the trainee's current supervisor. For Postdoctoral trainees in the first year of their position, one of these assessments should be from their Ph.D. supervisor. A link with the report form will be emailed to referees after the application has been submitted on SharePoint
  • Original or copies of official transcripts for all University studies undertaken
  • A letter indicating admission to a graduate college (Master’s and Ph.D. applicants only)
  • Proof of current or pending Postdoctoral/Clinical Fellow position (Postdoctoral/Clinical Fellow applicants only)

Conditions of Award

Awards are granted for one year. Maximum funding time is two years for Master’s and three years for Ph.D. students. Postdoctoral research and Clinical fellows are eligible for two years of support.

Recipients of the Master’s and Ph.D. Fellowships are expected to:

  • Be full time students as defined by the College of Graduate Studies
  • Provide a maximum of 12 hours of service, within the academic year they are awarded the fellowship, as research assistants to Centre without additional remuneration
  • Present in the seminar series each academic year and to participate actively in the Centre's seminars
  • Participate in Centre related social activities
  • Apply for external financial support to supplant the Founding Chairs Fellowship, thereby permitting the program to offer initial support to as many students as possible
  • Provide an electronic or bound copy of their thesis for the Centre's library

Recipients of the Postdoctoral Research and Clinical Fellowships are expected to:

  • Apply for external financial support to supplant the Founding Chairs Fellowship
  • Organize and participate actively in seminars
  • Present in the Centre's seminar series each academic year
  • Develop new ideas for research projects including participating in the design and writing of research grants in conjunction with their supervisors
  • Present their research findings at appropriate peer-reviewed conferences
  • Publish in peer-reviewed journals
  • Take a scholarly approach to all of their endeavours

Financial Aspects

The number and amount of awards is limited and the availability of funds varies each academic year.

For the academic year 2019-2020, the maximum amounts are as follows:

  • Master's fellowship: $7,500
  • Ph.D. fellowship: $10,000
  • Postdoctoral and Clinical fellowship: $15,000 plus $2,500 research allowance



Final Progress Report

Fellowship recipients must provide a progress report to the Chair of the Founding Chairs Fellowship Committee. The report should include progress on the trainee's research project, details of any publications and presentations (as either first author or co-author), and other relevant progress. Explain how your research project contributed to the mission statement of the Centre. The Chair will inform recipients of the report deadline well in advance.


Application Evaluation Rubric

For your information the following rubrics will be used in evaluating the applications:


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Founding Chairs fellowship Recipients: 2014 - 2019