2019-2024 Canadian AgriSafety Program

"Unified by a comprehensive planned approach, the projects of the Canadian AgriSafety Applied Science Program are designed to respond to sector need and seize current opportunities to mitigate agricultural illness, injury, and death. Through proven methods of injury reduction in combination with the necessary applied research, the Canadian AgriSafety Program will bring the needed tools, technology and knowledge directly to priority areas in the agriculture industry.

Modern agricultural producing countries are recognizing that control of safety and health issues affecting producers, products, neighbours, and the public is essential to achieving a thriving workforce, excellent products, healthy communities, and maximum financial returns. In no aspect of agriculture are changes being experienced more acutely than in the human resources component. High risk of death, injury, and workplace illness as a result of production exposures are increased by technological changes, altering work exposures, new commodities, and increases in numbers of employed workers, and seasonal and migrant workers. Agriculture is the third most dangerous industry in Canada. In terms of the number of fatalities, it is the most hazardous occupation. Estimates as of 2004 of the economic burden of illness and injury in Canadian agriculture are $465 million annually. There are approximately 1 million persons at direct risk, including family members and employees on 193,492 agricultural production sites, in addition to service, supply, and transportation industries. Between 1990 and 2012, 2,324 men, women, and children were killed, and 1,360 were severely injured each year." - description provided by Agrivita Inc. website.

  • Activity 1 - Imporving Biosecurity and Welfare of Animals during Transport
  • Activity 2 - Development and Assessment of Emerging Green Techologies to Reduce Aerosol Risks and Hazards in Livestock Production
  • Activity 3 - Fugitive Emissions Following Manure Spreading - Risk Assessment and Engineering Controls
  • Activity 4 - Developing Strategies to Minimize Health Risks in Next Generation Livestock Buildings Intergrating Modern Welfare Considerations
  • Activity 5 - Take a Break from the Shake: Farm Machinery Operator Interventions
  • Activity 6 - Roll Out of low-Cost Farmer Built ROPS into National Program

2014-2018 Canadian AgriSafety Program

"The Canadian AgriSafety Applied Research Program is a program aimed at supporting worker safety and productivity by stimulating, coordinating and supporting the applied research and development necessary to provide the engineering controls and occupational hygiene programs necessary to decrease and eliminate death, injury and illness in agriculture in Canada. Based on occupational hygiene principles and the hierarchy of control, the AgriSafety Program provides support for applied research projects aimed at addressing gaps in research-to-practice knowledge in order to explore solutions to important health and safety issues, and develop the knowledge, products and procedures needed to fully implement knowledge dissemination and prevention programs." - Description provided by Agrivita Inc. website.