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The Driving & Dementia Roadmap site

Driving and Dementia Online Resource available

CCNA Team 16 has developed a Canadian online resource to help decision making around driving and dementia

By RaDAR Website

Team 16 of the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration and Aging (CCNA) have launched an invaluable online tool: Driving and Dementia Roadmap.

It is a website with videos, information, and worksheets to help individuals affected by dementia understand the importance of giving up driving. The website includes information for family, friends, and for health care providers, about how to approach the conversation about driving cessation.

More about the launch and development of the website was recently covered by CBC news.

Members of the RaDAR team are part of the CCNA as Team 15 and we're pleased to share news about our Team 16 research colleagues' work in developing this invaluable tool.

The RaDAR team, working in collaboration with Team 16, is adapting a driving cessation intervention for remote delivery. This is planned to be offered as part of the RRMCi suite of interventions offered remotely with the support of the specialist Rural and Remote Memory Clinic. This project is led by RaDAR investigator Dr. Megan O'Connell here at the University of Saskatchewan.