photo of Debra and Duane in boardroom preparing for Summit
Debra Morgan and Duane Minish - in the CCHSA Board room preparing for Summit 2022 to start

Dear Knowledge Network Members, 

The 2022 RaDAR Rural Dementia Summit, our 15th, was the third year going virtual. While we miss the face-to-face interaction with everyone, one advantage of the virtual format is the ability to more easily showcase research and advances in dementia care from across the country and around the world. The Summit evaluations indicate that participants are excited about learning what is happening in dementia care both within and outside of Saskatchewan.

This year our keynote speaker, Dr. Nicole Ruggiano, from the University of Alabama, presented on advances in technologies to support dementia care and caregiving. Following up on the very positive response to last year’s keynote presentation on care farming in the UK, this year’s program included a live panel discussion on care farming, with panelists from the Netherlands, where care farming is well established, and from Ontario, where our Canadian panelist has developed the first such program in the country.

Once again the Summit included a wide range of posters, and pre-recorded and live presentations on a diverse range of topics, from the impact of sensory impairments on individuals living with dementia, to the development of culturally safe Indigenous data governance and cognitive assessment. In the lived experience session, Diane McLeod of Moosomin talked with Joanne Michael of the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan about her experiences in caring for her husband Doug. We hope you find something of interest as you look through the recordings posted below in the Summit 2022 archive.

Thank you to everyone who contributed posters and presentations, who participated in the event, and who helped with the planning. Also, a huge thank-you to the many people who completed the evaluation. We appreciate the very thoughtful and helpful feedback that you provided and as always, will do our best to incorporate your suggestions in future Summits.

The RaDAR team is excited to be able to bring people together to exchange knowledge and experiences, and work together to improve quality of life for people living with dementia and their families, with a focus on rural dementia care. Your engagement in the Summit makes this possible. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

image of keynote presenter

Dr. Nicole Ruggiano presenting her keynote from her office in Alabama. A recording of her session is available to view below in the Summit Session Presentations section

Bilokreli Family Support

Ongoing funding support for RaDAR via the Bilokreli Family Trust Fund has allowed the team to continue hosting Summit annually. The Summit helps to maintain a community of practice focused on rural dementia care anchored here in Saskatchewan.

We appreciate the support the Bilokreli Family has provided to the RaDAR team since 2015, and their commitment to supporting dementia care in rural and remote communities. We are pleased to offer the Summit Student poster prizes in their name each year.

Poster Presentations

The online poster presentations were available a couple days in advance of the Summit meeting start on November 22nd to allow extra time for attendees to view the posters.

Below is a listing for the 23 Summit Poster presentations that were shared. However, some presenters have chosen not to share the full content of their posters online. Email contact information is provided when available for the presenters in case you would like to get in touch.

Within the full posters listing, we have highlighted the 3 Bilokreli Student Poster Prize winners for 2022.

The RaDAR team is the recipient of funding to support the team’s activities, generously provided by the Bilokreli family. The members of the Bilokreli family have an interest in supporting rural dementia research in the province, and we are pleased to offer student poster prizes in their name to student trainees working in the field. Posters are adjudicated by a panel of judges.

We're pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Bilokreli Student Poster Prizes are as follows:

Third Place: Melissa Brausse
Second Place: Meghan Flath
First Place: Erin Leeder

Visitor restrictions in long-term care: A description of resident and family caregiver outcomes and experiences. As PDF

Authors: Gibson K, Ward H, Alford H.

Presenter: Heather Alford


Examining dementia discourse on Twitter during Alzheimer's Awareness Month in Canada. As PDF

Authors: Bacsu J, O'Connell ME, Cammer A, Ahmadi S, Berger C, Azizi M, Gowda-Sookochoff R, Grewal KS, Green S, Knight S, Spiteri RJ.

Presenter: Juanita Bacsu


Examining the health equity and COVID-19 impact on people with dementia. As PDF

Authors: Bacsu J, O'Connell ME, Cammer A, Ahmadi S, Berger C, Azizi M, Gowda-Sookochoff R, Grewal KS, Green S, Knight S, Spiteri RJ.

Presenter: Juanita Bacsu

   Bilokreli Student Poster Prize 3rd Place Poster

What is the role of Registered Dietitians in end-of-life care for residents in long-term care settings?. As PDF

Authors: Brausse M, Cammer A, Lengyel C.

Presenters: Melissa Brausse


Physiotherapy needs of community-dwelling people with memory problems: What do the Rural & Remote Memory Clinic data tell us? As PDF

Authors: Dal Bello-Haas V, Fairbairn J, Jensen J, O'Connell ME, Morgan D.

Presenter: Vanina Dal Bello-Haas with the RaDAR Team



Interprofessional collaborative primary care for older adults living with age-related chronic disease in rural and remote areas: A scoping review of implemented innovations and solutions. As PDF

Authors: Elliot V, Morgan D, Kosteniuk J, Minish D, Cameron C, O'Connell ME.

Presenter: Valerie Elliot with the RaDAR Team at the University of Saskatchewan 

Bilokreli Student Poster Prize 2nd Place Poster 

The impact of pet ownership and social isolation on cognition in older adults. As PDF

Authors: Flath M, O'Connell ME, Cammer A, Dell C, Oremus M, Tyas S, Law J, Maxwell C, Rutter E.

Presenter: Meghan Flath a trainee with the RaDAR Team at the University of Saskatchewan 


Analysis of care partner & care recipient cohabitation and associated care partner coping in a memory clinic sample. As PDF

Authors: Gowda-Sookochoff R, Grewal KS, Kirk A, Morgan D, O'Connell ME.

Presenter: Rory Gowda-Sookochoff


The Potential of technology for caregiving: Insights from care partners of persons living with dementia.  As PDF

Authors: Grewal S, Gowda-Sookochoff R, Peacock S, Cammer A, McWilliams L, Spiteri R, Haase K, Harrison T, Holtslander L, MacRae R, Michael J, O'Connell ME.

Presenter: Karl Grewal with the RaDAR Team at the University of Saskatchewan



Community changes everything. As PDF

Authors: Hofstrand J, Zarazun E, Hilderman D, Quennell L.

Presenter: Jackie Hofstrand


Rural dementia caregiving: A community life story. As PDF

Authors: Horne J, Aubrecht K.

Presenter: Jami Horne


Dementia Friendly Life Enrichment Program. As PDF

Author: Kosar K.

Presenter: Kristen Kosar


Health service use before and after diagnosis among rural and remote memory clinic patients. As PDF

Authors: Kosteniuk J, Morgan D, Acan Osman B, Islam N, O'Connell ME, Kirk A, Quail J, Osman M.

Presenter: Julie Kosteniuk with the RaDAR Team at the University of Saskatchewan 


RaDAR Memory Clinics. As PDF

Authors: Morgan D, Kosteniuk J, O'Connell ME, Kirk A, Seitz D, Elliot V, Cameron C.

Presenter: Julie Kosteniuk with the RaDAR Team at the University of Saskatchewan 


Bilokreli Student Poster Prize 1st Place Poster  

The relationship between hand grip strength, malnutrition risk, and cognitive function in people referred to a specialist memory clinic. As PDF

Authors: Leeder E, Cammer A, Paterson P, O'Connell ME.

Presenter: Erin Leeder with the RaDAR Team at the University of Saskatchewan


Caregiver experiences of falls in people living with dementia. As PDF

Authors: Lynds M, Arnold C.

Presenter: Michaela Lynds


Driving and dementia project. As PDF

Author: Michael J.

Presenter: Joanne Michael


Perceptions and outcomes of an embedded Alzheimer Society First Link Coordinator in rural primary healthcare memory clinics. As PDF

Authors: Morgan D, Bayly M, Kosteniuk J.

Presenter: Debra Morgan with the RaDAR Team at the University of Saskatchewan 


Belong where you find yourself. As PDF

Author: Morton J.

Presenter: Jeff Morton

Generating brain organoids with microglia to investigate regenerative cell therapies for Alzheimer disease.

Authors: Wenzel T, Le J, Alcorn J, Mousseau D.

Presenter: Darrell Mousseau, professor with the Department of Psychiatry, University of Saskatchewan

This presenter has not provided permission to share poster content on this web archive


Nutrition and house model long-term care. As PDF

Authors: Naidoo S, Cammer A, Goodridge D, Yakiwchuk E.

Presenter: Seshni Naidoo


Caregiver experience of driving cessation in dementia: Results from the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan Driving and Dementia Project caregiver survey. As PDF

Authors: Sommer D, Kelm P, Stasiulis E, Rapoport M, Naglie G, CCNA Driving and Dementia Team Co-Investigators, CCNA Study Group.

Presenter: Dena Sommer


"Life Doesn't Stop": Developing and disseminating the Driving and Dementia Roadmap (DDR) to support driving cessation. As PDF

Authors: Stasiulis E, Rapoport M, Naglie G.

Presenter: Elaine Stasiulis

Summit Session Presentations

Summit began all pre-recorded content immediately available to enjoy on the online event platform. An agenda with suggested viewing order and times helped to organize the content. Interaction with each presentation was through an embedded chat panel beside the presentation where attendees and the presenter could share comments and ask and answer questions.

The keynote presentation by Dr. Nicole Ruggiano, and other sessions including the Care Farm Panel discussion, were delivered live via Zoom Webinar and included a live Q&A session with the presenter. These live sessions were recorded and are shared below.

Here is an overview of the agenda for Summit 2022. Followed by tabs with content from the Summit Session Presentations which were shared over the two days. 



Start Time

Session Name


Tue, Nov 22

5:00 PM

Welcome to Summit Online Platform


Tue, Nov 22

5:00 PM

*LIVE* Session Welcome to Summit 2022 – presented by Debra Morgan


Tue, Nov 22

5:10 PM

Pre-Recorded: Acting in Allyship with 2SLGBTQI People Living with Dementia - presented by Celeste Pang and Ashley Flanagan

Pre-Recorded session

Tue, Nov 22

5:30 PM

Pre-Recorded: Dementia Supports in Rural Saskatchewan: Successes and Challenges - presented by Bonnie Jeffery

Pre-Recorded session

Tue, Nov 22

5:45 PM

Pre-Recorded: Impact of the covid pandemic on persons living with dementia and their care partners: a mixed methods study in four provinces - presented by Isabelle Vedel and Geneviève Arsenault-Lapierre

Pre-Recorded session

Tue, Nov 22

6:00 PM

*LIVE* Lived Experience Panel – Dianne M and Joanne Michael


Tue, Nov 22

6:30 PM

Poster Session - poster presenters have been asked to be online during this period to respond to messages about their posters

Poster session






Start Time

Session Name


Wed, Nov 23

8:30 AM

Pre-Recorded: The Rural Dementia Action Research Program - presented by Debra Morgan

Pre-Recorded session

Wed, Nov 23

8:45 AM

*LIVE* Panel Discussion: Care Farms - featuring three researcher panelists


Wed, Nov 23

10:00 AM

Pre-Recorded: Sensory health in older adults with cognitive impairment: Implications for rural health care - presented by Natalie Phillips and Walter Wittich

Pre-Recorded session

Wed, Nov 23

10:15 AM

Pre-Recorded: Support Changes Everything - presented by Johanna Kwan and Melody Neufeld

Pre-Recorded session

Wed, Nov 23

10:30 AM

Pre-Recorded: Other Dementias - presented by Andrew Kirk

Pre-Recorded session

Wed, Nov 23

10:45 AM

*LIVE* Keynote Session Advancing Evidence-based Technologies to Support Dementia Care and Caregiving: Challenges, Opportunities, and Directions Forward -- presented by Nicole Ruggiano


Wed, Nov 23

11:30 AM


Agenda item

Wed, Nov 23

11:43 AM

Pre-Recorded: Enhancing the Social Support Networks of Care Partners of Persons with Dementia -- presented by August Kortzman

Pre-Recorded session

Wed, Nov 23

12:00 PM

*LIVE* Building Indigenous Dementia Surveillance: Culturally Safe Approaches to Data Governance and Cognitive Assessment -- presented by Jennifer Walker


Wed, Nov 23

12:45 PM

Thank you and end of Summit 2022

Agenda item


Dr. Debra Morgan, RaDAR Team lead, welcomes all to Summit 2022

This session was originally offered live as a Zoom Webinar - the video posted is a recording of the session.

Dr. Debra Morgan, RaDAR Team Lead, welcomed all attendees to Summit 2022.

Get in touch with the presenter: debra.morgan@usask.ca

Presentation by Celeste Pang and Ashley Flanagan

Co-presenters Celeste Pang with Egale Canada, and Ashley Flanagan with the National Institute on Ageing provided a session at Summit. The video shared here is a later version of of their presentation which they have asked that we share on our web archive, and is not the same presentation as given at Summit 2022.

Get in touch with the presenters: Celeste Pang and Ashley Flanagan

Dr. Bonnie Jeffery with SPHERU presents this session

Dr. Bonnie Jeffery, professor at the University of Regina, and researcher with Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit (SPHERU) is the presenter of this session.

Dr. Jeffery's team has a website, Twitter profile, and Facebook page you can explore to learn more about their work.

Three community-based organizations who have partnered with Dr. Jeffery and her team submitted posters to the Summit this year. View them in the poster sessions archived on this page to learn more about the work being undertaken.

Want to learn more, get in touch with presenter: bonnie.jeffery@uregina.ca


Dr. Isabelle Vedel and Geneviève Arsenault-Lapierre with team ROSA co-present this session

Isabelle Vedel, physician and Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at McGill University, and co-founder of the pan-Canadian "Research on the Organization of Health Services for Alzheimer" (ROSA) research team ( Team 19 with the CCNA) presents this session with her colleague Geneviève Arsenault-Lapierre. Genviève is a senior research associate with the ROSA team.

Want to learn more, get in touch with presenters: isabelle.vedel@mcgill.ca and genevieve.arsenault-lapierre@mail.mcgill.ca 

Dianne and Joanne, share Dianne's personal experience as a caregiver for her husband who lived with dementia.

This session was originally offered live as a Zoom Webinar - the video posted is a recording of the session.

Dianne McLeod, in conversation with Joanne Michael of the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan, shares her personal experience as a caregiver for her husband who lived with dementia. Dianne answered questions from Summit attendees in a Q&A session moderated by Debra Morgan.

Want to learn more, get in touch with presenter Joanne Michael: jmichael@alzheimer.sk.ca 



Presentation to start the second day of Summit by RaDAR Team lead, Dr. Debra Morgan

To begin the second day of the Summit meeting, Dr. Debra Morgan shared some of the history of the RaDAR team and provided updates on current RaDAR projects.

Get in touch with the presenter: debra.morgan@usask.ca


Three researchers in Care Farming discuss their role in dementia care - with moderated Q&A session

This session was originally offered live as a Zoom Webinar - the video posted is a recording of the session.

Simone de Bruin (Netherlands), Rebekah Churchyard (Ontario), and Maarten Fischer (Netherlands) were the featured researchers on this panel discussion about Care Farms. The session was moderated by Dr. Debra Morgan with an open Q&A session with participants. Watch the session to learn more about the history of Care Farms, and current developments.

Get in touch with the presenters:
sr.de.bruin@windesheim.nl  rebekah@carefarmscanada.com or maarten.fischer@zorgboeren.nl 

Learn more about Green Care Farms Canada.

Johanna and Melody from Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan co-present this session

Johanna Kwan, Client Services (South) team member, and Melody Neufeld, First Link Care Navigator (Saskatoon, Central, and Northern SK), both with the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan, co-present this session.

Melody and Johanna have provided a First Link Outreach package, and an agency Programs and Services brochure to accompany their presentation.

Get in touch with the presenters: jkwan@alzheimer.sk.ca and mneufeld@alzheimer.sk.ca 


Dr. Andrew Kirk, MD, FRCPC presents this session

Andrew Kirk, neurologist with the specialist Rural and Remote Dementia Clinic and a RaDAR team Investigator, presents this session.

Get in touch with the presenter: andrew.kirk@usask.ca 

Dr. Nicole Ruggiano led this Keynote session at Summit 2022

This session was originally offered live as a Zoom Webinar - the video posted is a recording of the session.

Join Nicole Ruggiano, PhD, MSW, Professor and Associate Dean of Research, University of Alabama School of Social Work for this Summit Keynote presentation.

A live Q&A followed her presentation, hosted by Dr. Debra Morgan, during which Nicole responded to questions submitted from Summit participants.

Get in touch with the presenter: nruggiano@ua.edu 

RaDAR Trainee, August Kortzman, presented this session

August Kortzman, a trainee with RaDAR team, presented this session.

Get in touch with the presenter: august.kortzman@usask.ca 

Dr. Jennifer Walker presented her session live, with a Q&A period moderated by Debra Morgan

This session was originally offered live as a Zoom Webinar - the video posted is a recording of the session.

Jennifer Walker, Associate Professor in the Department of Health Research Methods at McMaster University is the presenter for this session. Jennifer is co-lead of the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration and Aging’s (CCNA) Team 18 – Issues in Dementia Care for Indigenous Populations and the lead for the Indigenous Cognitive Health Program

Get in touch with the presenter: jennifer.walker@mcmaster.ca 

Event Evaluation

We're happy to share what we learned from our evaluation of Summit 2022.

All Summit attendees were encouraged to complete a post-event evaluation of their Summit experience, with an incentive prize drawn from all who completed the survey.

The 2022 incentive draw winners were Johanna K. and Jayne S. who each received a $50 Visa gift card.

The EventMobi online event platform recorded that of the 177 initial registrants, 132 attendees logged in to attend this year. While not all registrants logged in to the platform, some may have joined the live-delivered sessions directly via the session link.response rate image

Seventy-four attendees completed the post-event Evaluation Survey.


-Summit attendees come from a variety of backgrounds. Here is a visual representation of how each attendee self-described their role. Note that attendees could choose multiple roles, and therefore the sum of roles listed in this chart exceed the number of attendees.

-at Summit 2022 we were happy to host returning attendees, and meet new folks too: 39% of attendees were first-time Summit participants, while 61% reported having been to at least one previous Summit.



-Attendees rated the Poster Session favourably, on a number of measures: 

graph rate poster session

The evaluation also included open-ended questions about attendees experiences of the event. 

The RaDAR team uses the feedback we receive from the Summit evaluation survey to help us plan for the next Summit, and to better-deliver other on-line events. 

Credit for survey response charts/images adapted for this page belongs to RaDAR team member Valerie Elliot.

Here are some direct quotes from attendees which we are happy to share:


"I enjoyed the virtual set-up, no issues" 


"I really like the recorded poster sessions, not only does it give the presenters a way to share their work with larger audiences as an attendee I am able to focus and have a deeper understanding of the work""


[commenting on the Poster Session] "Full of valuable information!! perhaps a little more time for the session will allow for processing of info in between."


"I believe the quality of the posters continues to improve especially the student posters/presentations. Such great work taking place with in SK"

"I didn't find I made any connections - this type of format doesn't really work well for me for connecting - plus I didn't have time by the time I viewed all the sessions. I may have to rethink how I approach it another year. The knowledge was helpful and I particularly enjoyed the live sessions because they were long enough to get more into a topic . . . I would have found greater value if I had tried to consume less and processed selected items more deeply. There's just too much info and it's set up to jump straight from one session into the next."


"As a Patient Partner, whose real life at home included loved one with dementia it was great to see the posters, and hear what research is being done"


"I find the Summit very invigorating. It is exciting to see the initiatives that are happening. The family involvement helps remind me the importance of what we are doing"


[commenting on what the Summit provides] "Information on research about dementia in rural areas. Most things seem to be focused on urban areas where there are many support services and options available."


"I appreciate the virtual nature combo of live, pre-recorded sessions - opportunity to navigate site and listen to sessions at times that work so very well organized, everything goes off without a hitch."


"The care farms panel was very inspiring and I think Saskatchewan has lots of potential for these."


"All the sessions this year were amazing and very relevant. The topics and speakers for live sessions were very engaging and relevant. Of course the lived experience session sets the stage for why we all do the work we do."


"Its convenient - I like being able to attend without having to drive to Saskatoon."


"The topics that were focused on; the live presentations, the poster presentations. I liked the mix between live events and pre-recorded events. Again - I continue to be impressed with how well organized this event is. Very well done."


"Ease of attendance. Quality information delivered in a very convenient manner. It would be difficult to take time off from work to attend Summit with travel time, accommodations and meal expenses"


"No networking with others. I miss the conversations around the tables especially during breaks."


"I like being able to interact with people in person, even if its more effort for me to do so. I also did Wednesday's session at work, and was interrupted a few times. If it was in person, it would be easier to focus and be in the proper mind to learn. While virtual is good, it think it would be nice to have the option to attend in person."


"Was very interesting and related to my work. Well worth the time and effort of those who put the presentations together. Thank You for sharing your knowledge to others."



Summit Attendees Map

From the registration information we received, with attendees consent, we 'dropped a pin' to visually represent the locations people joined Summit from around the globe. One of the advantages of an online event has been increased participation from international guests and presenters.

map of attendees locations for 2022
In 2022, online Summit attendees joined from Saskatchewan, and from around the globe!