As a recognized leader in research and outreach service, the Canadian Centre for Rural and Agricultural Health (formerly the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture) has been providing health surveillance to companies in Saskatchewan since 1987. We have provided surveillance to grain industry, swine workers, pulp, and paper industry and sheet metal workers throughout Saskatchewan, and the list is growing. We are in a unique position to provide health surveillance that reflects both the needs of industry and our up to date knowledge and experience with occupational health hazards and issues. CANWORKSAFE was created as the business and health surveillance arm of the Centre and is continuosly providing those services today.

A questionnaire regarding respiratory exposures and symptoms is given. Blood pressure is taken, spirometry is performed. The worker receives counseling on mask use and respiratory health issues. Workers are given a copy of their results along with an explanation. Our occupational health physician reviews all files and letters to each employee are sent. Referrals are made for chronic respiratory symptoms, below average spirometry results, and above normal BP reading. Referrals may also be made for concerns the workers has discussed in regards to their health. Referal is made to either the family doctor or the occupational health clinic.

The RN provides the worker with a hearing history questionnaire. An otoscope examination is carried out, and then the test is performed at each frequency of 500, 1000, 2000,3000,4000,6000 and 8000 Hz. The worker receives counseling regarding the harmful effects of overexposure to noise and the use and care of hearing protection. Workers are provided with a copy of their results and an explanation. Our occupational health physician reviews all files and letters to each employee are sent. If necessary, referrals are made to the family physician, or for further hearing testing.

Using the TSI Portacount we test the worker’s personal respirator to determine if there is any possible leakage. We first discuss the use and care of the respirator and review how to properly wear and adjust the respirator. The respirator is then put on, and the test is conducted while the wearer performs breathing and moving exercises, which simulates workplace movements. A pass/fail result is printed out for both the worker and his employer.

This is done to determine if a worker is medically fit to wear a respirator. A specific questionnaire in regards to respirator wear is completed. The questionnaire is reviewed, and if further evaluation is necessary, this is arranged.

Flu immunization can be provided at your place of work

The RN will provide on-site wellness clinics. The clinic includes testing for cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure. Any or all of these tests may be chosen. Results are available immediately; and discussed with each worker. Education, increasing the level of awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle is given. The worker is advised to follow up with their family doctor for any abnormal results.

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