First Link Report Released

RaDAR community partner, the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan, released their First Link Highlight Report. The report shares their successes supporting people with dementia across the province.

The Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan is proud to provide access to their First Link Highlight Report.  2019-2020 was a successful year for the Alzheimer Society, and more importantly for people living with dementia across Saskatchewan. 

This year marked the start of increased annual funding of $1.1M from the Government of Saskatchewan to support people living with dementia in our province.  This increase in funding to the Alzheimer Society allowed them to expand their First Link® Program with the opening of a new Alzheimer Society Resource Centre in Yorkton and to hire two First Link Care Navigator positions who are working with clients with complex care needs. 

In 2019-2020 over 3,000 individuals from 290 communities were supported by the Alzheimer Society.  First Link referrals from primary and specialized care including physicians, specialists, nurse practitioners, the Geriatric Evaluation and Management program, Geriatric Services and primary health care clinics were up 42% over the previous years.  On average those who are directly referred to the Alzheimer Society’s First Link program are connected 10 months sooner than those who find the Alzheimer Society on their own. 

We hope you enjoy reading the Highlight Report and reflecting on the progress have been made over the last year.  If you have any questions or would like additional information on how you can connect your patients or clients to the Alzheimer Society’s First Link program, please reach out to Joanne Michael by email at or by phone at 306-949-4141.


-Content modified from original release provided by the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan

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