Interventions envisioned as part of the RRMCi suite
Interventions envisioned as part of the RRMCi suite

Launch of RRMCi

Project launches with a sleep intervention study for older adults with cognitive concerns, or dementia, and their caregivers

Led by Dr. Megan O'Connell, the Rural and Remote Memory Clinic-interventions (RRMCi) launches spring of 2019 with funding from Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation. The RRMCi is a research suite of interventions for persons with memory and other cognitive problems. Utilizing telehealth to ensure access for all Saskatchewan residents, these research interventions are free to those who whould like to participate.

The current intervention opportunity is a sleep intervention study of a novel, non-pharmacological treatment for chronic insomnia. If you are an older adult with cognitive concerns or dementia and experience insomnia, or if you are the caregiver of a person with mild cognitive impairment or dementia and you experience insomnia, the RRMCi team invites you to partipate in the study.

Learn more about the study: online, or contact Dr. Megan O'Connell at 306-966-5925, or email