What We Heard Report now available online

Public Health Agency of Canada releases report from stakeholder consultations which will be used to develop Canada's dementia strategy.

By RaDAR Website

The Public Health Agency of Canada, in an effort to better understand the impacts of dementia in Canada, engaged in a consultation process with six stakeholder groups across the country:

  • people living with dementia
  • family/friend caregivers
  • representatives of provincial and teritorrial governments
  • researchers
  • health care providers
  • dementia advocacy groups

The results of these consultations -- recently summarized and released in a report -- will be used to inform the development of a dementia strategy for Canada.

One of the challenges identified by stakeholders from rual and remote communities was that equitable access to diagnosis, treatment, support and care was not always available to them due to the need to travel long distances to access these services.

Access and read the full report from the Public Health Agency of Canada.