Funding increase supports expansion of services offered by Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan

The Government of Saskatchewan 2019-2020 annual budget announcement includes additional funding for services; bringing annual funding level up to just over $1 million.

The Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan announced that this year's Government of Saskatchewan budget announcement includes a more than $600,000 increase in annual funding to support the services the Society provides to people living with dementia and those that support them.

The additional funds will allow the Alzheimer Society to better meet the needs of people living in rural and remote areas of the province, as well as those with complex care needs. The additional funding will support five key initiatives:

  1. Expansion of the current First Link program to two new areas in Saskatchewan;
  2. Enhancement of the First Link program with two new First Link Care Navigators;
  3. Implementation of a chronic disease management program for people living with dementia;
  4. Implement an early diagnosis and lowering the risk campaign;
  5. Enhance support to rural areas of the province through the Dementia Helpline.

The RaDAR team is excitied to share the news of this funding increase for our community partners at the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan, and we wish them continued successes in meeting the needs of people with dementia in Saskatchewan. To learn more about the services provided by the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan, please visit their website.