First Link Highlight Report for 2017-2018 Released

Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan releases report with key benchmarks for First Link program across the province

The Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan offers the First Link program as a way to connect people with dementia and their families to information, support services, and education as early as possible followinng a diagnosis of dementia. Learn more about the First Link Program.

Their recently released 2017-2018 First Link Highlight Report outlines a number of important benchmarks of the program including:

  • a significant increase in the number of clients served over the previous year 
  • a very high level of client satisfaction with the program
  • services were delivered in 270 different Saskachewan communities

The report also provides information on other programs the Society offers to empower people to live well with dementia including rural outreach efforts, and support groups offered via Telehealth and via telephone which help to connect people who do not have a support group near their home community.