Share your experiences in a Research Study

Led by RaDAR Investigator Dr. Megan O'Connell, this study is for family caregivers of persons with young onset dementia

By RaDAR Website

Share Your Experiences in Our Research Study

We are currently searching for family caregivers of persons with young onset dementia to take part in a research study about their experiences. We are interested in hearing about any financial consequences that your family has experienced related to young onset dementia. Participation is anonymous (we will not know who you are and cannot tie your data with your name). Participation will involve sharing your written story with us and, if you wish, answering several questions about yourself and your experiences using an online survey website. Although we are interested in financial consequences, we do not ask for specific financial information. We are more interested in general consequences (job loss, early retirement). For most people, participating in this study will take between 30 minutes and an hour of your time, but how much time you spend depends on how much you wish to share of your story. This information is important to increase knowledge about the financial consequences associated with young onset dementia, and understand what is needed to better support families. If you are interested in sharing your experiences with us, please click the link:

This study has been reviewed by, and received approval through, the Research Ethics Office at the University of Saskatchewan.
If you have any questions about this study, please feel free to contact the lead researcher:
Megan O’Connell, Clinical Psychologist, University of Saskatchewan or (306) 966-2496