photo of Dr. Allison Cammer
Dr. Allison Cammer (photo credit: D. Marshall)

Cognitive Kitchen for Rural Older Adults

RaDAR investigator Dr. Allison Cammer leads Cognitive Kitchen project

Dr. Allison Cammer, Assistant Professor in USask's Division of Nutrition and Dietetics, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition and RaDAR investigator, leads the Cognitive Kitchen project. Funding from Dementia Supports in Rural Saskatchewan permits the project to operate without program costs for participants. Current project activities are offered in-person and virtually to participants in the Yorkton-Melville area.

The Cognitive Kitchen project is for rural older adults, including caregivers and people affected by dementia, who would like to enhance their food literacy skills, learn more about dementia and evidence-based nutrition risk-reduction approaches to prevent dementia or live well with dementia, and enjoy socialization with others.

Until July 2024, a number of Cognitive Kitchen program offerings will be made available, with options for in-person or virtual participation. Each will include 6 sessions with room for about 10 participants.

Interested in registering for a Cognitive Kitchen program, or would you like to know more about participating in the program? Contact the Coordinator, Julie Beitel, Registered Dietitian:

To learn more about the project, please contact Dr. Allison Cammer: