Luan Manh Chu is currently a Ph.D. student in the Department/College of Medicine at University of Saskatchewan (U of S), Canada. His research is based at the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture (CCHSA) under the supervision of Drs. Joshua Lawson and Donna Rennie

After three years working at the National Institute for Food Control (Vietnam), Mr. Chu moved to Saskatoon with an undergraduate degree in Public Health from the Hanoi University of Public Health in Vietnam to pursue his further study. He completed his MSc program in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology in August 2014. For his MSc, Mr. Chu completed an analysis looking at the prevalence and risk factors for atopy among rural dwelling schoolchildren in Saskatchewan. He used previously collected questionnaire and atopy skin prick testing data. Since September 2014 Mr. Chu has been enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Health Sciences at the University of Saskatchewan.  For his Ph.D., Mr. Chu will build on his previous research by continuing to study allergic disease in unique farming populations. As part of this, he has been researching work completed with farming groups including Hutterites living in Saskatchewan.

Mr. Chu hold the Public Health and the Agricultural Rural Ecosystem (PHARE) fellowship (2014-2015), College of Medicine Devolved Scholarship (2015-2016), CCHSA Founding Chairs Fellowship (2015-2016) and have been currently awarded Saskatchewan Innovation & Opportunity Scholarships by the College of Graduate Studies and Research and CCHSA Founding Chairs Fellowship (2016-2017).