Dr. Julie Kosteniuk accepts new position as Assistant Professor

Dr. Julie Kosteniuk joins the Canadian Centre for Rural and Agricultural Health in a tenure-track role focused on rural dementia care.

Dr. Julie Kosteniuk will be joining the Canadian Centre for Rural and Agricultural Health in the Department of Medicine as a tenure-track assistant professor starting July 2023.

Julie completed her graduate training at the University of Saskatchewan, obtaining a PhD in the Department of Psychiatry and master’s degree in the Department of Sociology. Her doctoral research under the supervision of Dr. Carl D’Arcy involved a provincial survey of family physicians examining care of patients with anxiety and depression including diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, and barriers to care. This research was supported by multiple scholarships including a CIHR Doctoral Research Award. She went on to complete a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Debra Morgan in the Canadian Centre for Rural and Agricultural Health, focusing on rural dementia care issues with an emphasis on primary care.

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