Special Seminar: Kate Elliott

A third year medical student, Kate Eilliott, is presenting on racial violence in the workplace. Presentation is on Thursday April 12 at 11:30 am in the CCHSA James Dosman Board Room.

Occupational Racial Violence in Healthcare: Call to action 23. ii

Kate Elliott, BSN, MPH, College of Medicine Class 2019

There are copious amounts of literature that illustrates the impact of racism and colonialism on the health of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada. One of the Truth and Reconciliation commission calls to action is that the provincial and federal governments increase the number of aboriginal professional working in the health-care field. The goal of this call of action is to decrease barriers to Aboriginal health access and increase cultural competency by have Aboriginal peoples within the system. This is one piece of the puzzle, yet little work has been done to ensure that Aboriginal healthcare workers are provided with a safe workplace that is free from racism and discrimination. This presentation will examine racism within healthcare from an occupational health and safety perspective.


  • Overview of challenges faced by Aboriginal Healthcare workers
  • The different form of racial violence in the workplace
  • Impact of violence from an organization viewpoint
  • Impact of violence on the individual- experiential learning exercise
  • Duties of the organization to mitigate workplace violence
  • Importance of Aboriginal retention in the healthcare setting