Past Seminars

January 9 Merle Massie

Public Speaking Tips

January 23  Shiva Naseri

Statistical Investigation of the Prevalence and Incidence of High Blood Pressure among Rural Residents of Saskatchewan

February 6 Niels Koehncke

Radiation safety and lead exposure in Veterinary Medicine

March 5 Valerie Elliot

Services for older adults living in four rural primary care memory clinic communities and surrounding areas: a multi-method qualitative study

March 19 Greg Guenther & Megan Tomilin

Greg's Title: Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Natural Health Products for Oral Health.

Megan's Title: Using Mass Spectrometry for Biomarker Discovery: Stratifying STEMI Risk Groups

January 24 Aaron Kocilek

Developing a mechanistic framework to predict risk of work-related carpal tunnel syndrome 

February 7 Valerie Elliot

Interprofessional collaborative primary care for older adults living with age-related chronic disease in rural and remote areas: A scoping review (in progress) of implemented innovations and solutions.

February 28 Shirmin Bintey Kader

Association between impaired sleep and four domains of health
based on the Indigenous Medicine Wheel. Findings from two
Saskatchewan First Nation Communities

March 14 Megan Tomilin

Archaeology and Mass Spectrometry: A Match Made in

March 28 William Pickett

Social Norms and Risk-taking on Canadian Farms

April 4 Sharon Feng

Lead Toxicity

April 11 James A. Dosman

A Tale of Three Projects: Addressing inequities in Health 2012-2028.

May 2 Gregory Kost

Occupational sunlight exposure

May 16 Dr. Jan Zejda

The role of measurement of the fractional concentration of exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) in epidemiological studies on pediatric asthma

October 3 Drs. Angelica Lang/Shelley Kirychuk

Introduction to the Seminar Series

October 17  Conference Schedule

 Canadian Agricultural Safety Association Virtual Conference

October 31  Dr. Julie Kostinuk

RaDAR Primary Care Memory Clinics: Research Projects to Date

November 14  Alyson Kelvin Team work makes the dream work: Tackling Long COVID in Saskatchewan with a multidisciplinary group of researchers and clinicians
Special Seminar: Thrusday November 23 Irene Blackberry, La Trobe University Transforming aged care: innovations from down Under
November 28 CCRAH Faculty "Ask the Faculty" Panel: A Student-Centric Seminar
January 25
Angelica Lang Musculoskeletal disorders in farmers and functional task testing protocols: an Ergonomics Lab update
February 8
Debra Morgan Rural Dementia Action Research (RaDAR) Team: Overview and update
March 8  Juan Ianowski The contribution of pulmonary ionocytes to cystic fibrosis lung disease
March 22  Kaitlin Merkowsky Characterizing Lung Inflammation in Agricultural Respiratory Exposures Between the Sexes
April 5 Bisma Ikram Vision Problems Among Sleep Deprived Canadian Adults
April 19 Allison Cammer & Josh Lawson Nutrition Interventions & Dietitian Involvement in the Treatment of COPD: A Systematic Review
October 25 Niels Koehncke Welcome to CCHSA & Seminar Series
November 1 Julie Kosteniuk Health Service Utilization by Rural and Remote Memory Clinic Patients Before and After Diagnosis.
November 15  Josh Lawson The relationship between childhood asthma and mental
health conditions
November 29  Kaitlin Merkowsky One of these things is not like the other – Sex Differential responses to agricultural exposures
December 13  Muhammad Imran Identification and Quantification of Sperm Head Plasma Membrane Proteins Associated with Male Fertility
January 19
Roman Koziy Diagnostic Markers for Detection of Eradication of Joint Infection in Horses
February 2
Allison Cammer End of life nutrition care: A national survey of LTC RDs
February 23
Rana Masud Modeling Obesity Rate with Spatial Auto-correlation: A Case Study
March 2 Seshni Naidoo Nutrition Care and the Long Term Care House Model–An Emerging Trend
March 9 Stacey Lovo Nisitohtamowin - Understanding Each other and Working Together
March 16 Virginia Deobald Nurses’ Experience using Nonpharmacological Interventions for Persons Living with Dementia in Rural Long Term Care Facilities
October 12 Niels Koehncke CCHSA: Welcome and Orientation
October 26 Melanie Bayly The psychological and social wellbeing of older adults living alone with cognitive impairment
November 9 George S. Katselis Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Salivary Biomarkers using Mass Spectrometry-based Omics
November 23 Ulfat A. Khanam Application of machine learning in predicting and validating asthma phenotypes among rural and urban children
December 7  Shelley Kirychuk Occupational Hygiene Respiratory Exposures and Health: Anticipating, Recognizing, Assessing, and Controlling Physical, Chemical, Biological, and Ergonomic Stressors
December 21 James A. Dosman, Punam Pahwa & Jeremy Seeseequasis

Results from the First Nations Sleep Health Project

January 7 Sean Polreis Cook Ross Everyday Bias for Healthcare Professionals
January 14 David Schneberger CO2: A unrecognized contributor to lung inflammation?
January 21 Sean Tucker High frequency parental texting while driving before and after the 2018 Humboldt Broncos hockey team bus crash
January 28 Niels Koehncke & Catherine Trask High Risk? Indoor Cannabis Producers’ Perceptions of Occupational Health and Safety
February 4 Ornwipa Thamsuwan An Ergonomic Evaluation of Exoskeleton Use in Agriculture
February 11 Megan Walsh Mindfulness and leadership
February 25 Brenna Bath, Stacey Lovo, and Alison Irvine Our journey with a team and technology health care delivery approach in partnership with Pelican Narrows, a Northern Saskatchewan Cree First Nation
March 3 Andrea Scerbe Digital tools for delivery of dementia education for healthcare providers of people living with dementia
March 10 Amanda Nascimento The effects of RESP-AID (an herbal formulation) on asthma
March 17 Alexandra Frey Belotta

Radiation protection for equine veterinary workers: what are their safety practices and associated radiation doses?

September 22 Niels Koehncke

CCHSA Welcome and Orientation

September 29 Sharleen Jahner The Psychologically Traumatic Experiences of Rural Registered Nurses Who Live and Work in the Same Community
October 6 Lynette Epp Truth and Reconciliation in Indigenous Health Research – A Case Study in the U of S College of Medicine
October 27 Josh Lawson Mental Health and Asthma among Children
November 3 Upkardeep Pandher Respiratory Inflammation and Agricultural Exposures: Combined or Individual Exposure to Lipopolysaccharide and Glyphosate
November 17 Alison Irvine, Stacey Lovo, and Brenna Bath Reimagining Rural and Remote Physiotherapy in Saskatchewan: A World Café Multi-stakeholder Event

January 15

Kate Langrell 

Copyright for Researchers

January 22 Murray Pettitt Prairie Swine Centre: Research Update and Collaborative Opportunities
January 29                                 Erika Penz Establishing Lung Cancer Attributable Costs Using Saskatchewan Health Administrative Data: A Methodological Study
February 12 Dr. Fergall Magee Review of Current and Future Advances in Genomic Diagnoses
February 26 Catherine Trask Qualitative Methods - A Primer for Quantitative Researchers, by a Quantitative Researcher
March 5 Jackie Toner The rising issue of overexertion and its silent influence on workplace injuries involving pushing and pulling tasks
March 12 Julie Kosteniuk     Issues and Interventions in Rural Dementia Care
March 19 Robyn Reist Getting to the Bottom of Shoulder Pain: Do Bovine Rectal Palpations Cause Musculoskeletal Disorders?
March 26 Tracy Danylyshen-Laycock Examining the Relationship Between Leadership, Facilitation, and Short Term Sustainability of a Dementia-Specific Training Program in Rural Long-Term Care Homes
April 2 Luan Chu Predictors of the First Asthma-related Hospitalization after diagnosis: A Retrospective Birth Cohort using the Saskatchewan Health Databases
April 9 Cindy Deschenes Rethinking Leadership and Relationality in Research with Indigenous people 
April 23 Sharleen Jahner An Analysis of the Psychologically Distressing Experiences of Rural Registered Nurses and Perceptions of Organizational Support
September 10 Niels Koehncke Welcome and Orientation
September 17 George Katselis Use of Proteonics in Biomarker Discovery for Chronic Diseases
September 24 Adriana Angarita Fonseca Is there a relationship between physical activity and chronic back disorders? Analysis of three Statistics Canada surveys
October 1 Ozlem Sari Writing successful grants – While avoiding common pitfalls
October 8 Dena Burnett Using desktop micro-computed tomography to evaluate structural properties of the vertebral endplate
October 15 Samantha Lamborn Employee Engagement Survey (results and feedback)
October 22 Melanie Bayly A scoping review of dementia-related education and support service availability, accessibility and use in rural areas: Barriers and promising solutions
October 29 Roya Gavanji Modelling rare events data using penalized regression methods with application to Occupational Injury Study
January 9 Hamed  Samarghandi Generic themes and roadmap of continuous improvement projects with a lean approach: the case of CancerCare Manitoba.
January 16 Amanda Froehlich Chow Team-Based Approaches to Primary Health Care for Rural Residents Living with Dementia:  A Scoping Review of the Literature.
January  23                                   Carl Gutwin (cancelled) Turbulent Touch: Designing Touchscreen Interfaces for Turbulent Control Environments.
January 30 David Schneberger Effect of Hog Barn Dust and CO2 on Lung Innate Immunity.
February 6 Ornwipa Thamsuwan

An ergonomic evaluation of apple harvesting in Washington State

February 13 Tyler Polreis

Career Talk: What can I do with my degree in … learn how to explore career possibilities

February 27 Jon Watts

Researcher, Profile Thyself or How to plunge into the miasma of cyberspace and come up smelling like roses

March 6 Upkardeep Pandher

Unravelling the inflammatory nature of endotoxin and glyphosate inhalation exposure​​

March 20 Melanie Bayly

Aging alone with cognitive impairment: An assessment of functioning and factors associated with social wellbeing

March 27 Adriana A Fonseca

Physical activity and chronic back disorders in Canadian adults: Overview and preliminary results

Apr 3 Tracy Danylyshen-Laycock

Examining the Relationship Between Facilitation and Short-Term Sustainability of an Educational Program in Rural Long-Term Care Homes

Apr 10 Roland Dyck and George Katselis

Examining the relationship between diabetic pregnancies and kidney disease in the offspring: perspectives of a clinician and a basic scientist

April 17 Cindy Deschenes

The Colonial Box Theory” – Shifting our Paradigms in Approaching Research with Indigenous people and the Natural World (an excerpt of Coyote’s Dream: Restoring Leadership & Balance through Character Enrichment)

April 24 Kelley Bird-Naytowhow, Shania Duquette, and Benjamin Clarke

Tools of Building Relationships

September 11, 2018 Debra Morgan and Shelley Kirychuk

CCHSA Welcome and Orientation

September 18, 2018 Stephanie Horsley

Use of Videoconferencing to Deliver Physiotherapy Services: A Scoping Review of Published and Emerging Evidence

September 25, 2018 Abayomi Olaniyi

Needs Assessment for Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS Collaborative Programming in Saskatchewan, Canada

October 2, 2018 CCHSa Presenters

Workplace Safety: a CCHSA discussion of resources and policies

October 9, 2018 Sarath Peiris

Add Your Voice to The Conversation Canada

October 16, 2018 April Liu

Model Building Using Artificial Neural Networks

October 23, 2018 Stefanie Auer

Prevalence of Dementia in Austrian and Czech Nursing Homes

October 30, 2018 Donald W. Cockcroft

Thunderstorm Asthma

November 6, 2018 Jafar Soltan

Technologies for Treatment of Indoor Air

November 7, 2018 Grzegorz Brozek, Visiting Scholar

E-cigarettes and Novel tobacco Products - An Epidemiological Approach

November 20, 2018 William Pickett

Risk-taking and Health in Rural Adolescent Populations: A National Study

November 27,  2018 Josh Lawson

Mental Health and Asthma among Children

December 4, 2018 Ulfat Khanam Predictors of Continuity of Care among Children with Asthma in Saskatchewan
Dcember 11, 2018 Saija Kontulainen Strong Bones Across the Lifetime




Jan 10

Duane Minish and Lynette Epp

WebEx and you: how to make the most of free connections for telelconference, video conference, and sharing screens

Jan 17

Marg Sheridan and Andy Sargent

Social Media in Research: Why, Who, and How

Jan 24

Rashmi Prakash Patil

Environmental Scan of Telehealth Use in Rural and Remote Practice and Education

Jan 31

Amanda Froehlich

Supporting Early Childhood Educators in Rural Communities to Improve their Personal Health and Wellness

Feb 7

Josh Lawson

An International Research Program in Childhood Asthma

Feb 14

CCHSA Visiting Lectruer:Dr. Diana Sanchez Ramirez

Estimating the Burden of Injuries among the Métis Nation of Alberta, Canada

Feb 28

Wojciech Dawicki

Development of Therapeutics for the Treatment of Asthma and Food Allergies

Mar 7

Diana Murcia Rodriguez

Surveillance of Influenza Viruses in Western Canadian Swine and People

Mar 14

Punam Pahwa

Longitudinal Data Analysis Methods – A Selective Review

Mar 28

Randy Purves

Candidate seminar for the faculty position in Proteomics and Metabolomics

Apr 4

Barry Kelly

Candidate seminar for the faculty position in Proteomics and Metabolomics

Apr 12

George Katselis

Candidate seminar for the faculty position in Proteomics and Metabolomics

Apr 26

Philip Britz-McKibbin

Accelerated Data Workflows for Biomarker Discovery in Metabolomics: Clinical Applications in Newborn Screening and Cystic Fibrosis Research

May 2

Prosanta Mondal

Joint modeling of longitudinal measurements and survival data with competing risks: application to HIV/AIDS study

Sept 19

April Liu

Handling missing (at random) data in longidutinal analysis

Sept 26

Rana Masud

From data to statistical model: an illustrative example

Oct 3

Oluwafemi Oluwole

Asthma diagnosis, phenotypes, and severity and indoor microbia exposure among urban and rural children in Saskatchewan, Canada

Oct 10

Kathleen Kulyk

Evaluating a questionnaire assessing healthcare provider perceptions of rural dementia care

Oct 17

Valerie Elliot

Health-related stigma of neurological disease in rural adult populations: A scoping review

Oct 24

Amanda Nascimento

Deficiency of Leukocyte-specific protein 1 (LSP1) alleviates asthma by regulating inflammatory cell recruitment in mouse model

Oct 31

Ulfat Khanam

Are dietary factors associated with lung function in Canadian Adults?

Nov 7

Marcel D'Eon

Learner safety: Myths and near-myths.

Nov 21

Marcus Yung

Shaken, and Stirred: Exploring the Bonds Between Whole Body Vibration and Human Performance.

Nov 28

Luan Chu

Pilot study: Personal exposure monitoring in children - An investigation of the usefulness of personal exposure monitoring to collect environmental exposures data in school-age children.

Dec 5 Adriana fonseca & Angela Busch

A Visiting Professor Program, Building Rehabilitation Capacity and Collaborations in Honduras.


Presenter (s)


September 20

Lakshmi Balakrishnan

Evaluation of Lung Function in Rural Dwelling Children

September 27

Upkardeep Pandhar

Unraveling the molecular basis of endotoxin and glyphosate inhalation exposure by the use of animal model

October 4

Liana Tennant

Kneeling and Knee Osteoarthritis: The Effects of a Simulated Occupational Kneeling Exposure on the Neuromuscular Control of Gait and Squatting

October 11

Sharlee Jahner

Preliminary Analysis of the Psychologically Distressing Experiences of Rural Registered Nurses in Canada

October 18

Adam Paish

Cold Stress: Occupational Health and Safety Advice for Farmers

October 25

Benedicta Asante

Low Back Disorders among Waste Collection Workers

November 1

Valery Chirkov

Occupational safety: Current research and its application

November 8

Behzad Bashiri

Effects of task automation on the mental workload and situation awareness of operators of agricultural semi-autonomous vehicles

November 15

Jon Watts

Avoiding predatory Journals

November 29

Brenna bath and Xiaoke Zeng

Saskatchewan Farmers’ Back Health