CCHSA Research Seminars

The CCHSA seminar is a weekly lecture delivered by invited speakers on Tuesdays from 2:30-3:30 during the school term.

Topics include current issues in agricultural and rural health research and practice.  Seminar speakers include those affiliated with CCHSA, with other departments at U of S, and visitors to the university such as those from other institutions or government.  We encourage presentations from students, researchers, Centre staff, and practitioners.  The 30 to 40-min presentation format emphasizes discussion of topics and encourages participant interaction with speakers.

Seminars are held in James Dosman Boardroom (E-wing 1254).

If you would like to present at the seminar or nominate another presenter, please contact the seminar coordinators Debra Morgan and  Julie Kosteniuk.

WebEx Instructions

Before the Seminar

On the day of the Seminar
  • The CCHSA WebEx Seminar will become active at 2:15 pm to allow participants to join before the seminar begins at 2:30 pm.
  • Go to: and enter your name and click the “Join Meeting” button.
  • Unfamiliar with WebEx? Download step-by-step instructions to connect to the session from your computer.”

  • Connect to audio – you can call using your computer to use your attached speakers, or you can call using a phone (enter your phone number to have WebEx call you direct) for the session audio.
  • Webcams will not be used. You will be able to view the seminar presenter’s slide show on your screen and listen to their presentation
  • Participant microphones will be muted. You may post questions in the chat box to the host.
  • CCHSA Seminar tends be about 1 hour long: 30-45 minute presentation and 15-20 minutes of question and answer.

Technical support will not be available during the seminar. For all other technical help about attending the seminar by WebEx, contact Luan Chu at





January 7 


Sean Polreis

Cook Ross Everyday Bias for Healthcare Professionals

January 14

David Schneberger

 CO2: A unrecognized contributor to lung inflammation?

January 21

Sean Tucker

High frequency parental texting while driving before and after the 2018 Humboldt Broncos hockey team bus crash

January 28

Niels Koehncke & Catherine Trask

High Risk? Indoor Cannabis Producers’ Perceptions of Occupational Health and Safety

February 4

Ornwipa Thamsuwan

An Ergonomic Evaluation of Exoskeleton Use in Agriculture

February 11

Megan Walsh

Mindfulness and leadership

February 18

No seminar - Winter midterm break


February 25

Brenna Bath, Stacey Lovo, and Alison Irvine

Our journey with a team and technology health care delivery approach in partnership with Pelican Narrows, a Northern Saskatchewan Cree First Nation

March 3

 Andrea Scerbe

Digital tools for delivery of dementia education for healthcare providers of people living with dementia

March 10

Amanda Nascimento

The effects of RESP-AID (an herbal formulation) on asthma

March 17

Alexandra Frey Belotta

Radiation protection for equine veterinary workers: what are their safety practices and associated radiation doses?

March 24



March 31

 Sharleen Jahner

 The psychologically traumatic experiences of rural registered nurses who live and work in the same community

April 7

 Luan Chu


April 14

 Allison Cammer

 Comfort feeding and end of life nutrition care within the Canadian long-term care context

April 21

 Lynette Epp


April 28

 Joshua Lawson




January 15              Kate Langrell Copyright for Researchers
January 22

Murray Pettitt

Prairie Swine Centre: Research Update and Collaborative Opportunities

January 29

Erika Penz

Establishing Lung Cancer Attributable Costs Using Saskatchewan Health Administrative Data: A Methodological Study

Feburary 12

Dr. Fergall Magee

Review of Current and Future Advances in Genomic Diagnoses

february 26       

Catherine Trask

Qualitative Methods - A Primer for Quantitative Researchers, by a Quantitative Researcher

March 5

Jackie Toner

The rising issue of overexertion and its silent influence on workplace injuries involving pushing and pulling tasks

March 12

Julie Kosteniuk                

Issues and Interventions in Rural Dementia Care

March 19

Robyn Reist

Getting to the Bottom of Shoulder Pain: Do Bovine Rectal Palpations Cause Musculoskeletal Disorders?

March 26

Tracy Danylyshen-Laycock

Examining the Relationship Between Leadership, Facilitation, and Short Term Sustainability of a Dementia-Specific Training Program in Rural Long-Term Care Homes

April 2

Luan Chu

Predictors of the First Asthma-related Hospitalization after diagnosis: A Retrospective Birth Cohort using the Saskatchewan Health Databases

April 9

Cindy Deschenes

Rethinking Leadership and Relationality in Research with Indigenous people 

April 23

Sharleen Jahner

An Analysis of the Psychologically Distressing Experiences of Rural Registered Nurses and Perceptions of Organizational Support

September 10 Niels Koehncke

Welcome and Orientation

September 17

George Katselis

Use of Proteonics in Biomarker Discovery for Chronic Diseases

September 24

Adriana Angarita Fonseca

Is there a relationship between physical activity and chronic back disorders? Analysis of three Statistics Canada surveys

October 1

 Ozlem Sari

Writing successful grants – While avoiding common pitfalls

October 8

Dena Burnett

Using desktop micro-computed tomography to evaluate structural properties of the vertebral endplate

October 15

 Samantha Lamborn

Employee Engagement Survey (results and feedback)

October 22

Melanie Bayly

 A scoping review of dementia-related education and support service availability, accessibility and use in rural areas: Barriers and promising solutions

October 29

Roya Gavanji

Modelling rare events data using penalized regression methods with application to Occupational Injury Study

November 5

Shannon Dyck and Michael Nemeth

Radiance cohousing - A friendly green community in the heart of Saskatoon

November 12

No Seminar

Fall Midterm Break

November 19

Liris Smith

The Experience of Physical Activity for Métis Older Adults

November 26

David Kingston

Estimating joint loading in occupational settings and activities of daily living: A biomechanical perspective

From December 3-31

 Christmas break

There will be no seminar

Date          Presenter(s)                               Topic
September 11, 2018        Debra Morgan and Shelley Kirychuk

CCHSA Welcome and Orientation

Sept 18, 2018

Stephanie Horsley

Use of Videoconferencing to Deliver Physiotherapy Services: A Scoping Review of Published and Emerging Evidence

Sept 25, 2018

Abayomi Olaniyi

Needs Assessment for Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS Collaborative Programming in Saskatchewan, Canada

Oct 2, 2018

Workplace Safety: a CCHSA discussion of resources and policies

*Note that webex will not be offered for this seminar*

Oct 9, 2018

Sarath Peiris

Add Your Voice to The Conversation Canada

Oct 16, 2018

April Liu

Model Building Using Artificial Neural Networks

Oct 23, 2018

Stefanie Auer

Prevalence of Dementia in Austrian and Czech Nursing Homes  (*Note special time and location. For webex details and room directions, contact 10:30-11:30 am - Health Sciences B450)

Oct 30, 2018

Donald W. Cockcroft

Thunderstorm Asthma

Nov 6, 2018

Jafar Soltan

Technologies for Treatment of Indoor Air

Nov 7, 2018

Grzegorz Brozek, Visiting Scholar

E-cigarettes and Novel tobacco Products - An Epidemiological Approach.  For webex details contact - 10:00 - 11:00.

Nov 13, 2018

No seminar

Fall Midterm Break

Nov 20, 2018

William Pickett

Risk-taking and Health in Rural Adolescent Populations: A National Study

Nov 27, 2018

Josh Lawson

Mental Health and Asthma among Children

Dec 4, 2018

Ulfat Khanam

Predictors of Continuity of Care among Children with Asthma in Saskatchewan

Dec 11, 2018

Saija Kontulainen

Strong Bones Across the Lifetime