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RaDAR team members hosted Summit from the Health Sciences building on campus, and from their home offices in 2023

Dear Knowledge Network Members, 

The 16th RaDAR Rural Dementia Summit held Nov 21-22, 2023 was the fourth year the event was held virtually. The Summit evaluations show that this format is more accessible for many people and also enables us to feature research and innovations in dementia care from across Canada and internationally. Thus we plan to host the 2024 Summit online as well. We had 75 attendees complete our event evaluation this year, of which 64% had attended before and 36% were new participants. It is always exciting to welcome new people and to see familiar faces at the Summit.

Keynote speakers this year were Helen Rochford-Brennan and Carmel Geoghegan from Ireland. Both have personal experience with dementia and are involved in many advocacy activities. As with other years the Summit included a wide range of posters, pre-recorded, and live presentations. We are pleased to make many of these sessions available on the Summit archive. 

Our thanks to all those who contributed to the program and who participated in the event. As always, we appreciate the helpful feedback that participants provided in the evaluations. We review them very carefully when planning the next Summit and try to use as many of the suggestions as possible.

The RaDAR team is excited to be able to bring people together to exchange knowledge and experiences that support quality of life for people living with dementia and their families, with a focus on rural dementia care. Thank you for helping to achieve this important goal. We hope to see you again next year!

image of keynote presenter

Carmel Geoghegan and Helen Rochford-Brennan joined from Ireland as Keynote presenters for 2023. A recording of their session is available below in the Summit Session Presentations section.

Bilokreli Family Support

Ongoing funding support for RaDAR via the Bilokreli Family Trust Fund allows RaDAR to continue hosting Summit annually. The Summit helps to maintain a community of practice focused on rural dementia care anchored here in Saskatchewan.

We appreciate the support the Bilokreli Family has provided to the RaDAR team since 2015, and their commitment to supporting dementia care in rural and remote communities. We are pleased to offer the Summit Student poster prizes in their name each year.

Poster Presentations

The online poster presentations were available early, before the Summit meeting start, to allow extra time for attendees to view the posters.

Below is a listing for the 19 Summit Poster presentations that were shared. Where posters are not available, email contact information is provided for the presenters in case you would like to get in touch.

Within the listings, we have highlighted the 3 Bilokreli Student Poster Prize winners for 2023.

The RaDAR team is the recipient of funding to support the team’s activities, generously provided by the Bilokreli family. The members of the Bilokreli family have an interest in supporting rural dementia research in the province, and we are pleased to offer student poster prizes in their name to student trainees working in the field. Posters are adjudicated by a panel of judges.

We're pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Bilokreli Student Poster Prizes are as follows:
  • 3rd Place - Hassan Yassin
  • 2nd Place - Julie Beitel
  • 1st Place - Hana Dakkak

Understanding COVID-19 Vaccine-Related Ageism on Social Media. As PDF

Authors: Bacsu JD, Andrew MK, Azizi M, Berger C, Cammer A, Chasteen AL, Fraser SA, Grewal KS, Green S, Gowda-Sookochoff R, Mah JC, McGilton KS, Middleton L, Nanson K, Spiteri RJ, Tang Y, O'Connell ME.

Presenter: Juanita Bacsu

  Bilokreli Student Poster Prize 2nd Place Poster 

Examining the social experience in a virtual culinary nutrition education program. As PDF

Authors: Beitel J, O'Connell ME, Lieffers J, Lawson K, Cammer A.

Presenter: Julie Beitel


Accessing Dementia Care and Support Services in a Regional Community.

Authors: Chisholm M, Winterton R, Blackberry I.

Presenter: Irene Blackberry


Addressing dementia in the community of Île à la Crosse. As PDF

Authors: Sakitawak Elders Group Inc, University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina.

Presenters: Edna Daigneault and Sarah Oosman

 Bilokreli Student Poster Prize 1st Place Poster 

Registered Dietitians’ Perspectives Providing Care to Persons Living with Dementia in the Community: Preliminary Findings from an Online Questionnaire. As PDF

Authors: Dakkak H, McAiney C, Namasivayam-MacDonald AM, Keller H.

Presenter: Hana Dakkak



Perceptions and Perspectives of People with Dementia and their Care Partners regarding Physical Activity and Exercise: A Systematic Review of Qualitative Evidence. As PDF

Authors: Dal Bello-Haas V, Hamidian R, Zaide M, Madigan K.

Presenter: Vanina Dal Bello-Haas


Assessing Readiness to Address Postoperative Delirium in Saskatchewan. As PDF

Authors: Dowling L, O'Brien J, Dyck H, Ginther N, Hedlin P.

Presenter: Liam Dowing


Family care partner perspectives: Phase 2 of an environmental scan of programs and services for older adults in rural memory clinic communities and surrounding areas. As PDF

Authors: Elliot V, Morgan D, Kosteniuk J, Cameron C, O'Connell ME.

Presenter:Valerie Elliot


Combining Technology with Cognitive Rehabilitation: Two Case Studies.  As PDF

Authors: Grewal KS, Grewal ES, Cammer A, McWilliams L, Spiteri R, O'Connell ME.

Presenter: Karl Grewal



Community Changes Everything - Community Stories.

Authors: Alzheimers Society of Saskatchewan.

Presenter: Jackie Hofstrand


Rural Research Steering Committee. As PDF

Authors: Kortzman A, O'Connell ME, Green S.

Presenter: August Kortzman


Impact of Rural Primary Health Care Memory Clinics: Perceptions of Team Members. As PDF

Author: Kosteniuk J, Morgan D, Elliot V, O'Connell ME, Seitz D, Cameron C.

Presenter: Julie Kosteniuk


Challenges of Driving Cessation in Persons with Dementia Living in Urban and Non-Urban Settings. As PDF

Authors: Lai KSP, Stasiulis E, Kelm P, Naglie G, Rapoport M.

Presenter: Ka Sing Paris Lai


Esterhazy RaDAR Memory Clinic: Development and Implementation. As PDF

Authors: Morgan D, Kosteniuk J, O'Connell ME, Seitz D, Elliot V, Cameron C.

Presenter: Debra Morgan 



Interprofessional Rural Primary Healthcare Memory Clinics: Patient and Family Experiences. As PDF

Authors: Morgan D, Bayly M, Kosteniuk J, Elliot V.

Presenter: Debra Morgan with the RaDAR Team at the University of Saskatchewan


Brain organoids: a personalized medicine approach to diagnose and treat psychiatric disorders and reduce clinical wait times.

Authors: Wenzel TJ, Mousseau DD.

Presenter: Darrell Mousseau


An in-depth case study examination of nutrition care in urban and rural “house model” long-term care homes. As PDF

Author: Naidoo S.

Presenter: Seshni Naidoo

 Bilokreli Student Poster Prize 3rd Place Poster 

Experiences of Older Patients, their Families, and Healthcare Providers with Delirium After Surgery: an Action Research Study to Improve Patient and Family-Centered Care (PFCC). As PDF

Authors: Yassin H, Cruz M, O'Brien J, Hedlin P.

Presenter: Hassan Yassin


Dementia Friendly Communities. Handout Sheets As PDF

Author: Alzheimers Society of Saskatchewan.

Presenter: Erica Zarazun


Summit Session Presentations

An agenda with suggested viewing order and times helped to organize the pre-recorded and live delivered session content. Interaction with each pre-recorded presentation was through an embedded chat panel beside the presentation where attendees and the presenter could share comments and ask and answer questions.

The keynote presentation featuring Carmel Geoghegan and Helen Rochford-Brennan, and other sessions including the Deliberative Dialogue Panel discussion, were delivered live via Zoom Webinar and included a live Q&A session with the presenter. These live sessions were recorded and are shared below.

Here is an agenda for Summit 2023. Followed below by tabs with content from each Summit Session Presentation (when available) which were shared over the two days. 


Start Time

Session Name


Tue, Nov 21

4:45 PM 

Welcome to Summit Online Platform 


Tue, Nov 21

4:45 PM

Pre-recorded: Timeless Voices: An Intergenerational Choral Program - presented by Jennifer Lang 

Pre-Recorded session

Tue, Nov 21

5:10 PM

Pre-recorded: Therapeutic Recreation in Dementia Care - presented by Rebecca Genoe 

Pre-Recorded session

Tue, Nov 21

5:25 PM

Pre-recorded: Green Care Farms: Seasons of Abundance - presented by Rebekah Churchyard

Pre-Recorded session

Tue, Nov 21

5:40 PM

*LIVE* Welcome to Summit & Lived Experiences Panel



Tue, Nov 21

6:30 PM

Poster Session - poster presenters have been asked to be online during this period to respond to messages about their poster 

Poster session

Tue, Nov 21

6:30 PM

*LIVE* Concurrent Session: during the poster session, meet live with Rebekah Churchyard for discussion about her project and work on Care Farms {this session was not recorded and does not have an entry below}



Start Time

Session Name


Wed, Nov 22

8:30 AM

Pre-recorded: The Rural Dementia Action Research Program - presented by Debra Morgan

Pre-Recorded session

Wed, Nov 22

8:45 AM

*LIVE* Deliberative Dialogue Panel Discussion - Presented by Megan O'Connell & Jacqueline Quail


Wed, Nov 22

10:00 AM

Pre-recorded: Rural Dementia Supports Initiative: Update & Progress - presented by Bonnie Jeffery

Pre-Recorded session

Wed, Nov 22

10:15 AM

Pre-recorded: What Good are our Frontal Lobes? - presented by Andrew Kirk

Pre-Recorded session

Wed, Nov 22

10:35 AM

*LIVE* Keynote Presentation - co-presented by Carmel Geoghegan and Helen Rochford-Brennan


Wed, Nov 22

11:25 AM

Session Break


Wed, Nov 22

11:35 AM

Pre-recorded: Kissing the Joy as it Flies - presented by Sheree Fitch

Pre-Recorded session

Wed, Nov 22

12:00 PM

Pre-recorded: Outdoor Based Support for People Living with Dementia - presented by Anthea Innes

Pre-Recorded session

Wed, Nov 22

12:25 PM

Pre-recorded: The Future of Dementia Care in Saskatchewan: Gaining Insight and Wisdom from our Communities - presented by Joanne Bracken

Pre-Recorded session

Wed, Nov 22

12:40 PM

Pre-Recorded: Closing Remarks for Summit 2023 - Presented by Debra Morgan

Pre-Recorded session

Wed, Nov 22

12:50 PM

Thank You - End of Summit Meeting and Evaluation



The content of this presentation is not available to share online.

Jennifer Lang, Acting Vice-Dean Academic, College of Arts & Science at University of Saskatchewan presented this session.

Get in touch with the presenter: jennifer.lang@usask.ca 

Presentation by Rebecca Genoe

Rebecca Genoe, a Professor with the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies at the University of Regina presents this session.

Get in touch with the presenter: rebecca.genoe@uregina.ca 

Rebekah Churchyard with Green Care Farms presents this session

Rebekah Churchyard, CEO and Founder of Green Care Farms presents this session.

Last year, Rebekah was our Canadian (Ontario) panelist in a live session about Care Farms, and her session this year provides an update on her activites since last year.

Want to learn more, get in touch with presenter: rebekah@carefarmscanada.com 


Summit Welcome and Lived Experiences Panel discussion

This session was originally offered live as a Zoom Webinar - the video posted is a recording of the session.

Debra Morgan welcomed all attendees to Summit 2023, and provided information about the Summit sessions, and details about the evening's Poster Session.

This was followed by the Lived Experiences Panel discussion (with Q&A from participants). 

Krista Klemmer, Adult Programmer with Weyburn Public Library, and Erica Matthews, Social Worker with Saskatchewan Health Authority, presented about a program they have co-designed. The program is offered once a month at the Weyburn library, and is intended for people living with dementia and their care partners. The monthly meeting begins with a shared education session from a guest presenter, and then care partners move to a group Coffee Club facilitated by Erica, and people living with dementia move to dementia friendly programming facilitated by Krista. 

Want to learn more, get in touch with presenters: erica.matthews@saskhealthauthority.ca and Krista Klemmer

Debra Morgan provides an overview of the RaDAR program

RaDAR Team Lead, Debra Morgan welcomed attendee to the second day of Summit with a brief history of Summit and the RaDAR Team.

Want to learn more, get in touch with presenter: debra.morgan@usask.ca



This session was originally offered live as a Zoom Webinar - content of this presentation is not available to share online.

Jacqueline Quail, an epidemiologist and researcher, and Megan O'Connell a RaDAR Investigator co-presented Saskatchewan-based findings from research on experiences of people affected by dementia and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following their presentation, the session will opened for discussion and feedback from attendees moderated by Debra Morgan. Recommendations collected during the session were shared back with the larger Canadian research team and Prinicpal Investigator Isabelle Vedel, at McGill University.

Bonnie Jeffery provides a progress update on the Rural Dementia Supports Initiative

Bonnie Jeffery, Professor in the Faculty of Social Work at University of Regina, and a researcher with the Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit (SPHERU) presented this session with an update on the initiative. 

Research projects funded by the Dementia Supports in Rural Saskatchewan team submitted posters to the Summit poster session for 2023. You're invited to explore the posters presented by: Beitel J; Oosman S, and Daigneault E; Morgan D. {Esterhazy RaDAR Memory Clinic: Development and Implementation} to learn more. 

Get in touch with the presenter: bonnie.jeffery@uregina.ca 

Dr. Andrew Kirk presents this session about the role of frontal lobes

Dr. Andrew Kirk, Professor and Head of Neurology at the University of Saskatchewan, RaDAR Investigator, and RRMC Neurologist, presents this session.

Please note that the session recording ends abruptly - this was related to the editing process and is not an error.

Get in touch with the presenter: andrew.kirk@usask.ca 


Live Keynote session with our Irish presenters

This session was originally offered live as a Zoom Webinar - the video posted is a recording of the session.

Joining from Ireland, our Keynote presenters Carmel Geoghegan and Helen Rochford-Brennan shared their lived experience with dementia in rural Ireland.

This session included a moderated live Q&A with the panel participants, which Helen was unable to join.

Get in touch with the presenters: carmelpgeoghegan@gmail.com and rochfordbrennan@gmail.com 

Sheree and Gilles join from Nova Scotia to share their lived experience with Gilles' dementia journey

Sheree Fitch and Gilles Plante of River John, NS, co-present in this Summit session where they shared their lived experience with Gilles' dementia journey.

Earlier this year, Gilles and Sheree were interviewed by CBC Atlantic. Their interview How to Live When You are Leaving is also available to learn more about their experiences living with dementia in a rural community on the east coast.

Note that the video quality on this recording is reflective of the rural and remote connectivity experience.

Anthea Innes presents this Summit session

Anthea Innes, Professor of Health, Aging and Society, Director of the Gilbrea Centre for Studies on Aging at McMaster University, and RaDAR Investigator presented this session.

Get in touch with the presenter: Anthea Innes

Future of Dementia Care session presented by Joanne Bracken

Joanne Bracken, CEO of the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan presented this session.

Get in touch with the presenter: JBracken@alzheimer.sk.ca 

Debra Morgan presentation to close Summit 2023

RaDAR team lead and Summit host, Debra Morgan, closed Summit 2023 with remarks and thank yous.

Get in touch with the presenter: debra.morgan@usask.ca

Event Evaluation

We're pleased to share some of what we learned when collecting feedback from Summit 2023.

All Summit attendees were encouraged to complete a post-event evaluation of their Summit experience, with an incentive prize drawn from all who completed the survey.

The 2023 incentive draw winners were Kristen S. and Carolee Z. who each received a $50 Visa gift card.

The 2023 EventMobi online event platform recorded that of the 188 initial registrants, 125 attendees logged in to attend this year. While not all registrants logged in to the event platform, some may have still joined the live-delivered sessions directly via the session links.response rate image

Seventy-five attendees completed the post-event Evaluation Survey.


-at Summit 2023 we were pleased to host both returning and new attendees: 36% of attendees were first-time Summit participants, while 64% reported having been to at least one previous Summit.



-The poster session was rated positively, on a number of factors: 

graph rate poster session

The evaluation also included open-ended questions about attendees experiences and recommendations.

The planning team uses the feedback we receive from the Summit evaluation survey to help us plan for the next Summit, as well as other online events.

Credit for survey response charts/images adapted for this page belongs to RaDAR team member Valerie Elliot.

Here are some direct quotes from attendees which we are happy to share:


"I liked the personal stories that were shared and the lessons drawn from those stories." 


"Ease of access from anywhere. No worries about illness transfer. Low cost."


"Very accessible. Nice mix of pre-recorded and live sessions. Easy to interact in different modes."


"I miss the informal interactions ...”. I also missed the small group work that has been done in the past."

"The videos associated with the posters is one of the blessings of moving to a virtual Summit - it allows not only to see the posters but to hear the researcher briefly present which increases my understanding vs just written/print offerings."


"Appreciate the time frame and information provided, the flexibility to view in different order and re-watch."


"The online and reasonably asynchronous nature of the Summit allows me to attend at times when it is not conflicting with other priorities and the fact that Summit doesn't have a cost also reduces the barrier to attending."


[commenting on what the Summit provides] "Connection with not only research and projects that are taking place in SK but collaborations with others from across the country and internationally."


"I gained knowledge and connections that will help me in my day-to-day practice. For example, a few of
the connections I made provided me with resources I can share with individuals affected by dementia. Learning more and connecting with others who are genuinely interested in dementia care is also invigorating in other ways."


"This is the only local Dementia focused training/gathering that I am aware of in the province. It enables participants to become familiar with names and faces that we would not otherwise know."


"Miss the opportunity to make in person connections with others."


"I miss the informal interactions with others from past in person Summits. I also missed the small group work that has been done in the past"  

"The Summit is done really well virtually, however there is always a piece of in person that is an added
benefit. However, I did like watching from my couch versus a boardroom chair."


"I appreciated the high quality of the full range of presentations - there were a few technical glitches, but these did surprisingly little to reduce the value of the sessions."


"As someone with lived experience with a family member living with dementia - I always appreciate any opportunity to learn about all aspects of dementia. It was wonderful to learn about different programs and initiatives in my province and in other provinces and countries."


"The difficulty with travel - time and expense is not insignificant - and our carbon footprint is much smaller with virtual conferences - many organizations and societies should be taking this into consideration."


"Thank you for the hard work put into making SUMMIT happen. It was very inspirational to see the great work being done."

Summit Attendees Map

During the Summit registration, with attendees' consent, we 'dropped a pin' to visually represent the locations from which people joined Summit. An advantage of hosting Summit as an online event has been increased participation from international guests and presenters.

map of attendees locations for 2023
In 2023, online Summit attendees joined from locations throughout Saskatchewan, and across the globe!