RaDAR Personnel

The work of the Rural Dementia Action Research team members is supported by additional staff and personnel.

RaDAR team and trainees, Spring 2021 (some members not pictured)

Picture of  Rob Beever, BSc (Hons), MEd

Rob Beever, BSc (Hons), MEd Data Analyst

Rob provides support on numerous research initiatives of RaDAR Investigators including creating databases for analysis, data cleaning, and providing input for posters, papers, and presentations.

Picture of Chelsie Cameron

Chelsie Cameron Research Assistant/Rural Primary Health Care Coordinator

Chelsie is a research assistant for the Rural Dementia Action Research Team (RaDAR). In her role as the RaDAR Rural Primary Health Care Coordinator she provides assistance to the RaDAR team at the Rural Primary Health Care Memory Clinic sites.

Picture of Jean Daku, RN, NP

Jean Daku, RN, NP Research Assistant

Jean is a Nurse Practitioner from Kipling, Saskatchewan, and works with a team of health care providers in a rural primary health clinic. She provides support to the RaDAR team's efforts to spread and sustain the Rural Primary Health Care Memory Clinic model in Saskatchewan.

Picture of  Valerie Elliot, BA (Hons), MPH

Valerie Elliot, BA (Hons), MPH Research Officer

In April 2017 Valerie joined the Rural Dementia Action Research (RaDAR) team where she continues with her present work as a Research Officer.

Picture of Jennifer Fairbairn, BScPT

Jennifer Fairbairn, BScPT Physiotherapist

Jennifer joined the team in 2019. She is one of two physical therapists who assess clients at the Rural and remote memory clinic. She also works as a part time PT with Community Services in Saskatoon. She has practiced physical therapy since graduating from the University of Saskatchewan in 1995.

Picture of  Leslie Holfeld, RN, BScN

Leslie Holfeld, RN, BScN Research Nurse

Leslie is a Research Nurse who has worked at the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety Agriculture since 1996. She has assisted with various research projects related to respiratory health and dementia. She has been the nurse coordinator for the Rural and Remote Memory Clinic since its inception.

Picture of Julie Jensen, BScPT, CLT

Julie Jensen, BScPT, CLT Physiotherapist

Julie is a registered physical therapist who joined the team in the fall of 2019. She has 35 years experience and a special interest in chronic and lymphatic edema. She is a certified lymphatic therapist. She is one of the two physical therapists at the clinic.

Picture of Chandima Karunanayake, PhD, PStat

Chandima Karunanayake, PhD, PStat Professional Research Associate, Biostatistician

Chandima is a Biostatistician and works at the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture as a Professional Research Associate. She is mainly involved with Saskatchewan Rural Health Study (SRHS) conducted by the Centre and assists with statistical analysis and manuscript preparation for several research groups. She is involved with the RaDAR data team, ICAARE (Institute for Child and Adolescent Arthritis Research) team, SRHS team, and Endotoxin and Lung Research team.

Picture of Duane Minish, BA

Duane Minish, BA Research Officer, Psychometrist

Duane is a research officer with Debra Morgan and provides support for a number of RaDAR projects including coordinating the annual Summit of the Knowledge Network in Rural and Remote Dementia Care. He is also the Rural and Remote Memory Clinic psychometrist and administers the standardized battery of tests to clinic patients. He works closely with the clinic neuropsychologist and students.