Rural Economy

Strategies for healthy rural communities must be built on a sound economic base. The rural economy is increasingly dependent on changing production systems and shifting markets, with radical effects on the traditional social structure of schools, family, health services, and transportation. Issues include demographics, services, tax policy, land ownership, and long-term solutions for rural sustainability. Within this theme, presentations and discussions will focus on viable models for healthy rural economies.

Healthy People

The health of rural people encompasses what is known and what needs to be learned about the impact of agriculture, rural life and rural work upon the health of children, adolescents, and adults in the context of changing exposures and work practices. Within this theme, presentations and discussions will focus on exploring these concepts and reviewing strategies that enhance the health and well-being of rural people.


A safe, healthy and sustainable environment is essential for people, communities, and economies to flourish. In this theme, presentations and discussions will focus on ways in which the environment has been enriched through the activities of people and communities, and how new risks are being identified and managed. There will also be a focus on how people, communities, and economies have been assisted through access to a healthy environment.

Rural Communities

Communities are a composite of the people, the economy and the environment. Globally, rural communities have unique challenges in relation to these components. Within this theme, presenters and participants will have the opportunity to explore strategies for building and maintaining healthy communities.