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The Saskatchewan
Farm Injury Project Phase I

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Phase I - Research

Recruitment of the study population was conducted in two stages. During stage one, conducted in 2006, fifty randomly selected rural municipalities located in the southern half of Saskatchewan were recruited to participate in the project by providing the research team with a list of the actively farming ratepayers in their municipality. This database constituted the target population for the baseline study. During stage two conducted during the winter of 2007 all the farms in the database were contacted by mail to invite their participation. Participation required one key informant on each farm to complete the baseline questionnaire and return it by mail to the research team. Participants were also informed that we would be conducting a follow-up study that would track the injury experience of their farms for a 2 year period from January 2007 to December 2009. At baseline the study cohort consisted of 5,502 people living on 2,390 actively operating farms with 2043 of these farms participating in the 2 year follow-up study.

The study was headed by Dr. William Pickett of Queen’s University and Dr. Jim Dosman of the University of Saskatchewan. The study protocol was approved by the Behavioural Research Board of the University of Saskatchewan in March 2006.


At baseline 2,390 operating farms joined the study

2,043 of these same farms participated in the follow-up study 2 years later