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The Saskatchewan
Farm Injury Project Phase I

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Phase I

Application of novel communication technologies to the study of farm families: a randomized controlled trial. Day L. Dosman J. Hagel L. Dostaler S. Snodgrass P. Thiessen J. Brison RJ. Biem HJ. Marlenga BL. Koehncke N. Crowe T. Pahwa P. Pickett W. Preventive Medicine. 46(4):364-9, 2008 Apr.

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Knowledge Translation                          

Saskatchewan Farm Injury Project – Report to participants
March 2011 Download as pdf (1.8 MB)

Saskatchewan Farm Injury Project: 6 years later – Report to participants
January, 2013 Download as pdf (3.5 MB)

15 scientific articles were published from the research conducted during Phase I.

Two important knowledge translation tools were developed for the study participants.

Public education sessions were given at six community meetings.