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Agriculture has been and continues to be a staple of the Canadian economy. In Saskatchewan farmers and their families represent over 10% of the provincial population. Farm workers and their family members in Saskatchewan and Canada as a whole experience a high rate of acute traumatic injury associated with farm work and the farm environment (Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting). In Saskatchewan the family farm continues to be the predominant model for farm operations making the farm unique as an industrial workplace in that people both live and work at the worksite. This research was undertaken with the long term goal of informing the development of targeted interventions aimed at reducing the frequency and severity of farming related injuries. 

The Saskatchewan Farm Injury Project research team first came together in August of 2004 with the support of seed money from the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture – Public Health program funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Funds were also used to conduct a small pilot study designed to test recruitment methods, the questionnaire instrument and data collection method for the follow-up study.

The research team lead by Dr. William Pickett and Dr. James Dosman proposed a novel approach to the study of farm injury. For the first time an injury study was conducted using a theoretical framework to guide the design of the study and of the study instruments. We attempted to adapt the Population Health Theory* to the study of the etiology of farm injury. An operating grant application was made to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Population Health Committee in the March 2005 competition. The application was successful and funding for the study began in October 2005.

*Health Canada. Strategies for Population Health: Investing in the Health of Canadians. Ottawa, ON: Health Canada, Minister of Supply and Services Canada; 1994.

For more information about the Saskatchewan Farm Injury Study please contact Dr. James Dosman.

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Project timeline


The Saskatchewan Farm Injury Study is funded and sponsored by:

queens university
University of Saskatchewan
National Children's Centre

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2016 – Final follow-up of children’s cohort, data analyses and manuscript preparation


2015 – 2rd and 3rd follow-up of children’s cohort and final follow-up of farm family cohort, longitudinal data analysis and manuscript preparation

2014 – baseline study of children’s cohort and 1st follow-up, 2nd and 3rd follow-up of farm family cohort, data analyses and manuscript preparation

2013 – Baseline study of expanded farm family cohort and 1st follow-up, recruitment of schools for children’s cohort, baseline data analysis and manuscript preparation

2012 – Interim follow-up study of Phase I cohort, Recruitment of new RMs

2011 – Conclusion of Phase I
Phase II CIHR funding, recruitment of Phase I cohort for Phase II, interim follow-up

2010 – Data analyses and manuscript preparation

2009 – Follow-up study data entry, Longitudinal data analyses and manuscript preparation

2008 – Baseline data entry and analyses, 3rd and 4th follow-ups


2007 – Baseline study and 1st and 2nd follow-ups

2006Phase I CIHR funding Pilot Study, Rural Municipality recruitment