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October 19-22, 2014

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Professor Anthea Innes

Professor Anthea Innes joined Bournemouth University in December 2011. She is the Director of the Bournemouth University Dementia Institute launched in May 2012. She previously worked at the Dementia Services Development Centre, University of Stirling where, as inaugural programme director, she was responsible for the development and delivery of the first world wide online post-graduate programme in Dementia Studies. As a social scientist she brings a distinct approach to understanding dementia and her work with people with dementia. She is passionate about improving the lives of those with dementia and their families, as well as enabling care professionals to provide high-quality support and services.

Her research interests within the area of dementia are: rural service provision; technology; dementia friendly environments; the views and experiences of people with dementia and their family members; diagnostic and post-diagnostic support. She uses mixed methods in her research and has particular skill in the use of interviews and focus groups as well as observation methods including Dementia Care Mapping (DCM).

Current projects include local work in Dorset including multi-agency partnerships exploring how to create dementia friendly communities, the use of technology to assist people with dementia to live independently for longer; national work includes an NIHR study exploring the experiences of those with dementia and sight loss and work seeking to promote public awareness of dementia.