October 19-23, 2008 Saskatoon
October 19-23, 2008 Saskatoon


What we breathe
This theme focuses on the effects, mechanisms, and control of exposures to agricultural workers and the community to inhaled materials such as dusts, chemicals, microbes, antigens and bacterial products such as endotoxin.

What we eat and drink
This theme emphasizes risk to the health of the public as a result of infections and illness transmitted to people through food and water contamination by animals, animal wastes, or other sources and the potential development of vaccines.

How we work
This theme focuses on exposures and issues related to the work environment, such as noise, vibration and other physical hazards, injuries, chemicals, ergonomic and physiological hazards.

How we live
This theme focuses on vulnerable populations including the elderly and children, and aspects of health services for aging farmers and other rural communities.