October 19-23, 2008 Saskatoon
October 19-23, 2008 Saskatoon

Welcome, Bienvenue to Saskatoon!

The name “Saskatchewan” given by the Plain Indians comes from the Cree word “Kisisskatchewan” which means “swift flowing river”, and the name Saskatoon derived from Mis-sask-guah-too-min, a Cree Indian word for a local edible red berry.

Contrary to popular belief, half of Saskatchewan is covered by forest, one-third is cultivated land and one-eighth is covered with fresh water with nearly 100,000 lakes!

Located in the heart of the Great Plains, Saskatoon is the largest city in the province and it’s graced with the beautiful South Saskatchewan River.  Saskatoon is an urban oasis with over 4,000 acres of lush parks and trails. Saskatoon is the home of the University of Saskatchewan which is the only university in Canada to house all five health science colleges and a major teaching hospital on the same campus.  The University is the home of the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture (CCHSA), the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO) and the world’s most advanced Synchrotrons research facility  The University’s research park, Innovation Place, is one of the most successful and rapidly growing technology parks in North America.

Saskatoon enjoys more hours of sunshine than any other Canadian city; has one of the highest quality of life ratings in the country, and in 2006 was designated the Cultural Capital of Canada by the Department of Canadian Heritage. Saskatoon is a four season destination with much to offer.

Come and see why Saskatoon shines!

Saskatchewan Facts

  • Saskatchewan is one of the three Prairie Provinces in Canada.
  • Saskatchewan produces one third of the world’s supply of potash.
  • The province is the largest uranium producer in the world.
  • Our province has over 100,000 lakes, rivers, and marshes.
  • One third of Saskatchewan’s population lives in rural and remote communities.
  • Saskatchewan is known as Canada’s breadbasket with forty percent of the country’s cultivated farmland.
  • Saskatchewan is also rich in minerals, oil and natural gas.