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Muhammad Idrees Khan

Muhammad Idrees Khan is a PhD Candidate (Department of Community Health and Epidemiology) under the supervision of Dr. Catherine Trask (Canadian Center for Health and Safety in Agriculture). Muhammad Khan got his undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Gomal University D.I.Khan Pakistan (1998). He worked as a Regional Manager with Merck Pharmaceutical Pvt LTD (1998-2005). He got his MBA degree from Preston University USA (2000), MSc Biochemistry from University of Waterloo Ontario Canada (2009). After his master degree in Biochemistry he worked as a research assistant in Dr. Richard Epand lab at McMaster University, Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences (2009-2011). He graduated with Master of Public Health degree from University of Saskatchewan, School of Public Health (2013). His PhD research project is on “Spine posture is a risk factor for low back disorder in Saskatchewan Farmers” (2014-present). He wants to make his future career in academia as a researcher.