CCHSA Research wins ASABE 'Superior Paper' Award!

A research study conducted at the CCHSA Ergonomics Lab and published in the Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health has been selected by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) to receive a 2021 Superior Paper award.

The article, titled "Body Orientation and Points of Contact during Laboratory-Based MachineryEgress: Investigating Adherence to Safety Guidelines”,  was authored by:

  • Dr. David Kingston, lead author who conducted the analysis during his SHRF-funded Postdoctoral fellowship in the Ergonomics Lab 
  • Dr. Behzad Bashiri, SHRF-funded Postdoctoral fellow in the Ergonomics Lab who designed the original experiments 
  • Ms. Abisola Omoniyi, who refined and performed the observation protocols to determine the points of contact 
  • Dr. CatherineTrask, lead supervisor and Director of the Ergonomics Lab during this research

About the award: The articles published by ASABE in its three peer-reviewed journals during 2020 are eligible for 2021 Superior Paper Awards. Each Technical Community selects up to 5% of the papers published by their community for Paper Awards based on the article’s timeliness, fundamental value, originality, and benefits to society, as well as for the quality of writing. Read more about the award winners on the ASABE awards announcement (pdf).    Winning Paper Award authors are presented with a certificate at the ASABE Annual International Meeting, which will be held virtually July 12th-15th. This award will be presented during the awards presentation on Thursday, July 15th starting at 1pm (CDT). In order to see the awards presentation while it’s being aired and for access to the more than 1,000 on-demand technical and poster presentations, professional development sessions, and a number of professional development sessions, you can register to attend the Annual International Meeting at their website.  

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