David Kingston, Postdoctoral Fellow, is one of the 2019-2020 SHRF Establishment Grant and Research Fellowship recipients.

“Farming is a hazardous occupation with high rates of injury and pain in the lower limb. This is concerning for the Saskatchewan agricultural workforce, as operating large farming equipment requires repeated entering and exiting (egress) of machines. Farm machinery egress can result in acute injuries, but could also play a role in conditions such as osteoarthritis. This research will provide a better understanding of lower limb joint loading during machinery egress to reduce injury risk.
Three main questions will be answered by this project: 1) how do the joint load demands of machinery egress compare to injury risk models; 2) do these joint loads differ with direction of egress (facing in or facing out) or after exposure to machinery vibration; and 3) can we predict joint loads using key variables. Data from measured forces acting on the body and movement patterns during egress will be used to create a computer model of the lower limb to estimate force levels experienced by the ankle, knee, and hip. These joint level forces will be used to assess injury risk during this task.
Deeper understanding of joint loading during machinery egress is required to inform machinery design and motivate the use of ‘best practices’. This project will provide vital insights needed to improve the health and sustainability of the Saskatchewan farming population. Findings from this work will enable current and future generations of farmers to benefit from safer working practices and machinery design to reduce injury and pain in the lower limb.”
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