Left to right: From CCHSA: Dr. George Katselis, Dr. Catherine Trask, Dr. Marcus Yung, and Dr. David Schnegerger

Congratulations to all the presenters

CCHSA presents at 2017 College of Medicine Research Awards (COMRAD) Symposium

The annual COMRAD Symposium took place on November 30th, 2017 at the University of Saskatchewan. After the opening remarks from Dr. Marek Radomski, COMRAD researchers presented their research findings. CCHSA faculty/staff participated and presented as follows:

  • Dr. George Katselis: “Predicting Childhood Asthma in Saskatchewan Using Urine Proteomics”.
  • Dr. Marcus Yung (delegate for PI Catherine Trask): “The Combined Effects of Whole Body Vibration and Fatiguing Tasks on Human Performance: Addressing Risk Factors for Vehicle Collisions”
  • Dr. David Schnegerger (delegate for PI Shelley Kirychuk): “Effect of Low Dose Carbon Dioxide and Ammonia on Barn Dust Induced Lung Inflammation”.
  • Dr. Stephanie Madill: “An investigation of the Links between Osteoporosis and Urinary Incontinence in Older Women, a Proteomics Study.

Congratulations to all the presenters and their great research projects.

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