The CCHSA seminar is a weekly lecture delivered by invited speakers on Tuesdays from 2:30-3:30 during the school term.

Topics include current issues in agricultural and rural health research and practice.  Seminar speakers include those affiliated with CCHSA, with other departments at U of S, and visitors to the university such as those from other institutions or government.  We encourage presentations from students, researchers, Centre staff, and practitioners.  The 30 to 40-min presentation format emphasizes discussion of topics and encourages participant interaction with speakers.

Seminars are held in James Dosman Boardroom (E-wing 1254).

If you would like to present at the seminar or nominate another presenter, please contact the seminar coordinators Debra Morgan and  Julie Kosteniuk.

Upcoming Seminars

Date          Presenter(s)                              
Sept 19 April Liu

Handling missing (at random) data in longidutinal analysis

Sept 26 Rana Masud

From data to statistical model: an illustrative example

Oct 3 Oluwafemi Oluwole

Asthma diagnosis, phenotypes, and severity and indoor microbia exposure among urban and rural children in Saskatchewan, Canada

Oct 10 Kathleen Kulyk Evaluating a questionnaire assessing healthcare provider perceptions of rural dementia care
Oct 17 Valerie Elliot

Health-related stigma of neurological disease in rural adult populations: A scoping review

Oct 24 Amanda Nascimento

Deficiency of Leukocyte-specific protein 1 (LSP1) alleviates asthma by regulating inflammatory cell recruitment in mouse model

Oct 31 Ulfat Khanam Are dietary factors associated with lung function in Canadian Adults?
Nov 7 Marcel D'Eon Learner safety: Myths and near-myths.
Nov 21 Marcus Yung

Shaken, and Stirred: Exploring the Bonds Between Whole Body Vibration and Human Performance.

Nov 28 Luan Chu

Pilot study: Personal exposure monitoring in children - An investigation of the usefulness of personal exposure monitoring to collect environmental exposures data in school-age children.

Dec 5 Adriana Fonseca & Angela Busch

A Visiting Professor Program, Building Rehabilitation Capacity and Collaborations in Honduras.